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IDP Events Online Improvements

Please note some improvements have been made to IDP Events Online (IEO) to improve the registration process for IDP Events. These changes affect the final bookings page after the required fields have been entered. There are now two icon options available to allow you to finalise and submit your booking:

IEO Login Screen
  1. REGISTER MY BOOKING. Clicking this enables you to register your booking tentatively, giving you the freedom and flexibility to book events early without being invoiced or confirmed at this stage. This allows you to log in at your leisure and make changes to your booking, edit representatives, cancel or correct selections, change city options and purchase additional requirements leading up to the close of bookings date f or each event.

    If you chose this option, the system will automatically email you reminders when the events are approaching the closing dates and ask you to confirm your attendance at that time. Please note if you do not confirm by the deadline on the reminder email, the system will automatically confirm and send invoices, and this booking will be processed and considered final. Once a tentative booking is made, you can log in and confirm your bookings at any time, simply –

    a) Log into IEO–Now upgraded to include "Forgotten password" functionality.

    b) Click REVIEW / EDIT icon next to the event you wish to confirm

    c) Proceed to VIEW SUMMARY PAGE and click the CONFIRM & SEND INVOICE icon.

  2. CONFIRM & SEND INVOICE. Choosing this option confirms your institution's participation to the event instantly - you will not be able to make changes to this booking, it is considered final and you will be invoiced immediately. This is also the same icon used when logging back in to your tentative bookings to confirm them.

We have listened to your feedback and are continuing to make positive changes to IEO to better the booking process for you. More changes will be implemented in the near future.


Thailand – IDP Australian Education Exhibition
9 – 14 July

Khon Kaen, Bangkok, Chiang Mai
Event Objective: Branding/Profile

The objectives of the Expo are to:
•Encourage Thai students and their parents to consider Australia as their first choice study destination (especially those seeking to commence study in Semesters 1 and 2 in 2014)
•Target students at all educational levels, allowing them time to gather information and prepare for the next intake.
•Profile entry pathways to all educational levels and types – ELICOS, schools, vocational, undergraduate, certificate, diploma, masters and doctorate.
•Highlight to private and public sector bodies Australia’s postgraduate offerings as ideal for the placement of scholarship recipients.


Vietnam – Higher Education Interview Program
19 – 21 July

HCMC, Hanoi
Event Objective: Lead Generation and Conversion

This is the second event in the IDP Vietnam calendar and is timed when students have their academic results of second semester of the current year released. This is a chance for students who have finished their school year of in June 2013 to apply for Semester 1-2014 intake. Students will be seeking guidance and counselling from representatives on institution strengths, course options as well as program details.


Cambodia – Study in Australia Exhibition/ADS Info Day
23 -24 July

Event Objective: Lead Generation and Conversion

This is an annual event for IDP Cambodia. It gives both the ADS and private students the chance to meet face-to-face with the Australian institutions and seek important information on study options and available support services/facilities.


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