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About Australia 

Living & studying in Australia

People and culture

People and Culture in Australia

Australia has so much to offer and as a migrant or student, there is so much to learn. We share tips and tricks to help you adapt to life in Australia.

Steps to higher education for high school students

Year 12 is done and dusted, and you have 13 years of schooling behind you. What's next? For some it will be off to work or further training; if it's further study for you, we can help

VET gives you a massive headstart in your career

VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses focus on teaching industry specific knowledge and hands-on training. These are the skills that employers are looking for; industry led, practical and valuable.

How to get from high school to university

Applying for university in Australia doesn't have to be stressful. Start early to ensure you meet all timelines. Each state and university will have a slightly different process. Each state has a tertiary admission centre that receives, collate and forwards applications to their institutions.

IKIGAI - Find your purpose with study at university

Ikigai is a Japanese concept of having a direction or purpose in life. It's about having a reason for being. Knowing your ikigai can help you choose your intended study options.
Cost of living in Australia

Cost of living in Australia

Planning your finances is important to get your budget on track. Find out how much you need to live in Australia.
Working in Australia

Working in Australia

Know your employment rights, how to start your job search and find opportunities to network and develop your career.
Health and safety in Australia

Health and safety in Australia

Observe the same precautions with your safety as you would in any other country or at home. Learn how to keep safe and stay healthy in Australia.
Settling in Australia
We've put together some tips to help you in your first few weeks.
Transport in Australia
Discover transport tips on getting around Australia like a local
Living in Adelaide
Adelaide is a big city, but it doesn’t get as busy as other cities in Australia.
Living in Brisbane
With a thriving art and music scene, Brisbane is hard to beat as a great city to live in.
Living in Canberra
With many high quality institutions, Canberra is an excellent choice as your study city.
Living in Hobart
Hobart offers big city benefits with a small city flair. It's the most affordable capital city in Australia.
Living in Melbourne
Melbourne has an exciting range of events on all year round.
Living in Perth
Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital, with stunning, sandy beaches and a huge number of city parks.
Living in Sydney
There’s a lot going on in Sydney, from great dining and shopping and culture to amazing architecture.

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