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Fashion Design - Courses, Jobs & Salaries

1. Why Study Fashion In Australia?

Australia is home to some well-known and respected institutions for students interested in studying; Fashion and Design. Australians are producing impressive results in the fashion industry, thanks to educational advances that are putting Australia on the map as a fashion studying destination.

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2. Careers In Fashion 

Wondering what kind of job you could secure upon completing a fashion design degree?

  • Fashion Designer

Definitely the most sought after career, a fashion designer predicts and creates designs.  They would have good technical skills in pattern making and drawing, as well as business acumen, predicting trends and working with business units to design on trend clothes that contribute to a profitable bottom line.

  • Pattern maker

A pattern maker is responsible for the technical plan of the design and grading it to fit different sizes.  A pattern maker has strong accuracy, checking the design lines/fit before the garment is mass produced.

  • Fashion Assistant

Normally where most students start their career, a great place to learn and grow your career from the ground up.  Activities could vary from assisting with fashion shoots, arranging the fashion wardrobe to liaising with PR/advertising agencies. 

  • Retail buyer

A retail buyer will plan, select and purchase lines of clothing/goods that are sold in retail stores. They will keep a keen eye on trends to forecast sales and ensure they are carrying a competitive range.

  • Stylist

A stylist has a flair for style and picks out clothing for occasions like editorial features, print or television campaigns. 

  • Visual merchandiser

A visual merchandiser designs the look and feel of the brand in store.  They creates impressive visual displays to entice consumers to enquire about the products. 

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3. Short Courses

Perhaps you want to do a short course in Fashion to know the areas you’re interested in exploring?  If you have ever dreamt about creating your own clothes, with a course in pattern making you will learn the methods of how garments are planned and constructed.  Developing a strong attention to detail and accuracy is important. Once the basics are mastered, you can let the creativity flow into your own pattern creations.

Pattern making courses are highly practical; learning about different techniques, how pattern pieces are sewn together and the importance of pattern instructions to create a garment that fits. 

4. Degrees

RMIT is a renowned institution for their sound practical and innovative approach to fashion and textile education.   Their strong course curriculum gives students sound practical and theoretical knowledge, and many graduates go on to have successful careers in the industry.

RMIT’s Bachelor of Fashion course focuses on learning fashion design theory and applying this theory to practical work. 

The Bachelor degree aims to develop skills:

·         Fashion design

·         Creative thinking and planning

·         Research ability to produce various designs

UTS’s bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles is internationally recognised.  Students are encouraged to find their own style, whilst the coursework also follows a commercial framework.  The Bachelor Degree will help launch their fashion career in the area of choice.

The course works combines theoretical knowledge and garment making skills to take ideas and produce inspiring fashion concepts. 

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5. Working In The Fashion Industry 

The fashion industry is fast paced where designs change frequently to keep up with the industry trends.  The environment in the fashion industry is a stimulating one, where creative and hard work are relied upon extensively.

The fashion industry is a large one where a starting position will help you learn about the industry and give an idea about areas on where you might want to focus your career.

Many graduates will specialise in one area, from clothes designs, merchandise displays, assisting the fashion team and writing.

6. Salary Expectations 

Note that these salaries are on average, salaries increase with the level of experience.

Fashion Designer salary: $54,000

Designers tend to specialise in one area from menswear, women’s jacket or handbags.  Fashion designers will understand the demographics of their customers and keep up to date with trends. They will have strong capabilities in researching new trends, sketching, sewing and using computer aided design. 

Fashion Stylist Salary : $50,000

If you have a flair for style and design, you may enjoy working as a stylist.

Stylists put together outfits for various different settings, including photo shoots, commercials, film sets and music videos etc. 

Fashion Visual Merchandiser Salary : $44,000

The role of the visual merchandiser is to create an appealing ambience in store.   

A visual merchandiser will design store displays to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, this in turn helping to sell the product lines and contribute to the company’s profitability.

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