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Best cycling trails in Australia

Living and studying in Australia gives you an opportunity to explore this amazing country-continent. It is one of the biggest countries in the world, with amazing and unique wildlife. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the most interesting biking destinations in the world. Whether you are in the central business districts or the remote bush, there are plenty of biking trails to pick from. 

Australia boasts wide-open spaces and fair weather for most days of the year, allowing multi-day biking adventures. However, if you are not ready for the long miles, there are also shorter trails to discover. Many cities in Australia have bicycle lanes where it is safe to travel. There are also beautiful park and nature areas where biking is allowed. Imagine biking along the beachfront, or by a river, up the mountains, or under the canopy in the rainforests.

The Gap to Mt Glorious via Mt Nebo, QLD

This route starts in Brisbane and heads west to the D’Aguilar National Park. This is a famous trail so expect many other riders who are up to the challenge. One thing you need to remember is that this is a climbing trail so it is best suited for road and mountain bikes. Riders using a mountain bike also have the option of using the slightly more difficult fire trail which runs parallel to the road. They can opt to travel in a clockwise direction where the road leads through the steeper and more natural Samford Valley. 

  • Distance: 40km – 60 km. The actual length of the trail can be shortened if completed as an up-and-back ride, instead of a circuit. 

  • Time: 1 – 2 days

  • Best equipment: Road, mountain, or hybrid bikes

  • Best time: This trail is great for riding all year round

Victorian Alps Cycle Trail, Victoria

This trail goes over the highest continuous stretch of road in Australia. It also covers most of bushranger Ned Kelly’s country, giving riders an incredible view of the mountains and valleys of Victoria. The route is more than 425km and requires climbing up to heights of 1861m, making it one of the most challenging uphill biking trails. 

Experienced cyclists recommend that you start at Albury, and climb up Mount Hotham over a longer distance than the harder and shorter route. Accommodation is available along the way, and there are also camping sites for tents if you are on a budget and want to get closer to nature. 

  • Distance: 436km

  • Time: 8 – 10 days

  • Best equipment: Road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. The trail along Lake Hume is gravel, so anyone riding road bikes can detour to sealed roads found around the lake. 

  • Best time: The trail is best anytime from November to April. Some roads are closed during Winter and early Spring due to snow. 

Bondi to Mt. Kosciusko, NSW

This trail starts at the world famous Bondi Beach and ends in Australia’s highest mountain area. Expect around 6 – 8 days of exhilarating rides with amazing views of Sydney and its coastline. You will then be able to view the southern highlands and the Snowy Mountains. 

This trail has a number of accommodation choices along the way.  Only the last stretch of road from Charlotte’s Pass to Mt. Kosciusko (about 9km) is unsealed. 

  • Distance: 658km, including the return route to Jindabyne

  • Time: 6 – 8 days

  • Best equipment: Road, mountain, and hybrid bikes

  • Best time: The trail is best anytime between March to April. Some parts of the trail are closed during Winter and early Spring, and it can get very hot during summer months. 

Other great trails to consider are:

  • Wollemi Cycle Trail, NSW: 442km and will take about six days, however, beginners can ride in sections. 

  • Tasmanian Trail, TAS: This trail covers 480km of Tasmanian roads with scenery that is out of this world. The track will take about 8 - 10 days to complete. 

  • Mawson Trail, SA: Best for those who want to explore outback Australia. This is more than 900km and will take at least 14 days to complete. It is a great choice for section rides.


As an international student, exploring Australian on bike should be an adventure of a lifetime. However, make sure you:

  1. Never organise a trip alone

  2. Go as part of a tour with a group of people or an experienced guide

  3. Tell friends and family where you are going, and when you expect to be home

  4. Take First Aid precautions

  5. If in doubt… DON’T!


For more information and other tips on activities while in Australia, read more about life in Australia with our series of blogs.




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