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Best healthcare support jobs for 2017

The medical field offers a wide variety of jobs for those who are interested in this field. These days, there are alternatives to enduring years in medical school, and long hours of training, residency, and specialisation. Many healthcare support jobs are now available by completing a typical bachelor’s degree or a specialised certification. 

Australia is one of the best destinations for international students who are searching for the top healthcare schools globally. Numerous colleges and universities across Australia offer extensive training in the medical field. Here are some details on some of the top healthcare support jobs, which might provide you with some inspiration for programs to enrol in.

Dental assistant

Dental assistants play an important role in any dental healthcare team. You would work with dentists or other members of an oral health team, ensuring that dental procedures are done with efficiency and high quality. With an average hourly rate of AUD$22.37 per hour, training as a dental assistant is a great option for paid work experience. In addition, pay typically increases as you stay in the position longer, and many schools and universities in Australia, such as RMIT University, offer extensive certificate training for interested students. 

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Paramedics play a vital role in saving lives. They respond to emergency calls and are trained in various aspects of emergency care. They work as part of an emergency medical services (EMS) team, treating patients typically in illness from dealing with trauma. Paramedics receive an average salary of AUD$58,703 annually. Many universities and colleges provide either a certificate of training, or a full bachelor’s course for paramedics. 

Veterinary technologist and technician

These professionals help veterinarians with various tasks that are involved in animal care. This includes diagnosing, treating, and caring for animals. Veterinary technicians need to complete an associate program, while veterinary technologists need to complete a bachelor’s degree. Entry level salaries for these professionals start at AUD$57,000, while experienced workers can enjoy up to AUD$114,000 annually.

MRI technologists

MRI technologists are professionals who operate scanners or other machines that use radio waves and magnetic fields to take images of a patient’s internal organs. MRI “techs” are responsible for taking clear images that doctors use to help diagnose a patient. MRI technologists are in demand due to the constant need to help treat different diseases. As of January 2017, entry-level MRI technologists enjoy an average rate of AUD$64,400 annually. 

Medical records technician

Medical records technicians or administrators are usually treated as a sub-specialty for a larger group of curators, archivists, and record managers. These professionals are responsible for organising and managing health information data. These roles are important in ensuring seamless information is forwarded to the right person so that the correct medical care is provided for each patient. Many colleges and training schools in Australia provide a two-year associate degree, which is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management. You can also enrol in a similar course, such as a graduate diploma in records management and archives, or a bachelor’s course in applied science. 

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Diagnostic medical sonographer

Professionals in this field are trained in using sonographic equipment to capture medical images. Sonographic images are used to check the gender and overall health of babies. To provide the best care, diagnostic medical sonographers are constantly in demand in many clinics and hospitals. They demand trained and certified medical sonographers with entry-level graduates having the ability to earn AUD$40.56 per hour and more. 

There are numerous opportunities in the medical field that are open to you! Most Australian schools offer intensive training and teaching for many international students to become competitive in this field. 

For more information on what courses and programs are available, contact our IDP counsellors today!

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