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Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission now accepting admission offers through agents

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) plays a major role in promoting positive cultural exchange between Saudi Arabia and Australia. This group is helping students and families who are sponsored by the Saudi government who wish to get a scholarship and education in Australia. Since it was launched in 2005, SACM has been assisting millions of students in finding the best schools and programs in Australia.

Accepting admissions through agents

SACM recently confirmed it will now be accepting offers of admission through agents from Australia to help improve the services and support for students. In the past, more than half a million interested students from Saudi Arabia tapped into agencies annually to help them with admissions and enrolment. However, in 2015, SACM released a statement barring this practice. 

The move to re-allow the offer of admissions through agencies is great news for students, universities, and agencies who help bridge the connections. Placement agents like IDP Education have numerous listings of universities, programs and scholarships, which interested students can now have access to. Those who want to complete their university degree or further studies in Australia will have the support they require through our team at IDP Education. 

According to SACM, “This change is in line with our policy to regularly review its rules and procedures, aiming at improving its services and facilitating its work with education providers in Australia”. SACM will now start to accept students who are recruited and placed through agents from Australia or their partners in the Middle East. 

Benefits of the SACM update

There are numerous advantages when students decide to gain admission with the help of placement agents:

  • Matches with the best universities – international students are matched with the best universities, programs and career paths, which have a practical use back in their` home countries.
  • English language training and testing – placement agencies also offer additional services such as English language training and testing.
  • Accommodation assistance – IDP Education also offers accommodation assistance to ensure that your move to Australia is seamless and easy.
  • Access to other services – placement agencies also offer an array of other services that will assist international students throughout their stay in Australia.

Students sponsored by the Saudi Arabian government can now easily use the services of placement agencies to explore their interest in enrolling in any Australian school. Agencies such as IDP Education will be able to help them with all the services that they need to make their educational plans become a reality. 

For more information about enrolling in Australia, available programs and the best universities, contact IDP Education today!

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