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International student Preeti's story - why study social work?

Are you passionate about helping people? Are you looking for a rewarding career in social work? Are you able to empathise and empower others to be happy?

If you answer yes to the above questions, then social work may be ideal for you. Being a social work student, I have not only been able to live my passion but have also developed a new vision of life. We suffer from various ailments but never get the courage to speak up about how we're feeling.  Studying social work, however, has made me realise that the language of humanity can bring a significant change in the world  -  the courage to speak, to express and raise our voice against all vulnerabilities.

Studying social work has made me positive and confident in my outlook. I now view life from a different lens. The subjects undertaken in this field of study are immensely relatable and the assessments are reflective making them enjoyable as well.  There are a range of topics to choose from while doing the assessments and being an international student, we also get the flexibility to discuss the case studies of our home country.

Subjects like human rights, research, policy, family and children services give us a huge opportunity to kick start our career. The best thing of studying social work in Australia is its 100% employment rate. Being an international student, employment is easily found in this field and it’s highly rewarding as well.

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With the opportunity to do practical placements, there is ample scope to be employed in the field, for example, most students will complete 1000 hours of placements over a 2 years’ time period.  The practical placements are invaluable as we integrate our theories into practice.

Social work is one of the most popular courses in Australia as many people enjoy giving back to the community. Working for the welfare of disadvantaged people who lack knowledge and resources can be so satisfying, and it gives you a strong purpose in life.

Most importantly, this course also gives one the chance to work globally as the demand for social workers is on the rise. No matter where you are in the world, there will always be a need for social workers

From my personal experience, this course has made me discover my love for people, community and the disadvantaged. It has also helped me broaden my horizons and understand the theories behind human suffering. I am glad to have studied social work and feel that I am a more mature person who can contribute positively to the community. 

To conclude, “Social work is not only about helping people, but it is also about extending a hand of love, care and nurture to the one in need and be the reason of adding smile and happiness to other people.”

If you would like to explore social work study opportunities, book you free appointment by filling out the form on you right or call us at 1800 664 700 today.

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