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Learn about the highs & lows of International Economics student, Abbi

It is a universal maxim, ‘a new life begins when you step out of your comfort zone’ but consequentially, a relevant question follows, who gets to define the ‘comfort zone’. Is it me or my parents or the society? What is the comfort zone? I would call it the life-long dilemma where we all have been posited at various stages of our lives and I was too, few years ago, before I landed on the Australian soil for the first time in my life. 

We all become the products of our subjectivities or perhaps peculiarities as we all are different. It wasn’t easy to break away from the tradition of ‘law studies’ in my family, venturing into the field of Economics in an international university, I had to summon all my courage.  It has been one of the life-transforming and constructive decisions of my life.

But does is it in the virtue of the ‘decision to study abroad’ that your life changes? Is it free? Free of financial cost? Is the financial cost the only cost? If not, then what else it costs? 

To be concise and precise, it takes a great deal of personal responsibility which cuts into the domains of self- discipline and organization to realize one’s dreams. Unfortunately, as it has been quite conspicuous in my personal experience, I have witnessed a lot of people with great aptitude and abilities, making the incorrect choices driven by temptations and indulgence.

Its not something to be get depressed about, the only aim is to be realistic as Unamuno, a wise Spanish author wrote, ‘it is the disparity between the enormity of the imagination and smallness of the reality that leads to irrationality’. I don’t think anyone could have put it better and that brings me down to my first principle:

Be Realistic

Overnight success happens only in fairytales. There are a lot of hard-working days and sleepless nights, investment of blood and sweat before the night of success arrives. Accept it! The key is devotion and hard-work. Plan your journey whether it relates to studying, working, or even wasting time; you should know what you have been doing. Have goals but be ready to revise them as adaptation is the key. Everything doesn’t turn out to be as planned and if that takes you by surprise you need some time to meditate, mate! 

Fair Dinkum Aussie

Cultures are awe-striking such because of their peculiarities. Just like you have your own tradition and values the people in this country, even Melbourne being extensively cosmopolitan, has its own norms of behavior and conventions. Politeness, decency, please and thanks; they are important. You might be thinking holy crap, I already know this! Yes, I presume you do because if you don’t, you are in for a nasty disappointment. 

Its Friday, Lets go to the pub!

One of the most stupid myths about being in a foreign country is that it’s all about partying, girls and booze as if there are taps of beer across the city funded and run by government. Get around it! Yes, party is a part of life but not the only one. You will enjoy going out with friends if your life is planned out properly and time utilized well. 

We can make a lot of money!

Well, who doesn’t want that to happen? We all love money, don’t we? Yes, there are very highly remunerating jobs, but you must prove your worth. Any employer will look for the best value as we all do. Assess your capability and skills and try to align work with your studies. You will get chances to showcase your talent, whatever it maybe, patience is the key.


At the end of the day, you will choose where you sit on people’s priority list. Be on the top of your contacts as they will help you navigate. You will learn a lot from the people you come in contact with; friends, employers or teachers or advisors. Build on their advice and experience. There is a potential of facing deceptive people too, I will not deny that but that’s on the fringe, and I assume your common sense is sensical enough to guard you against that.

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