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国际生Preeti的故事 - 我在澳洲学习的旅程








My first day at work in Australia made me ponder many questions such as will I be able to make it as I have no experience in this kind of work? Will I be able to respond to customer queries given I struggled at first to understand the Aussie accent? But as the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way and with my open mind I started to look for my way to understand the work culture in Australia.  Initially when I started my interaction with the locals, the only thing I could understand was NO WORRIES... (HAHA) and I used to think will I ever be able to understand the slangs and the accents of the locals?

But as time passed, I started communicating more with people and feeling comfortable in sharing my views and ideas. This helped me gain confidence as well as mingle in the Australian culture. 

The Turning Point in my life

I engaged myself into volunteering activities and I became a mentor for non English speaking students organised by AMES Australia. The purpose of the program was to help immigrants and refugees understand the basics of English Language. This experience triggered my traits of helping others and it prompted me to think about studying Masters in Social work.   

The turning point of my life occurred when I first took the guidance from an educational counsellor at IDP Melbourne. Amrita Chauhan was the counsellor appointed to handle my case at IDP. She not only provided me with the best possible options but also helped me to understand the entire process. When I first met her, I had heaps of questions in my mind as to what will be the impact of changing the course or university on my current visa? Will it create any problem in the future if I wish to apply for my post study work visa and how am I going to extend my visa for my new course and will I be granted an extension or are there any chances for the visa refusal?

My IDP counsellor was kind and patient enough to answer all my queries and helped me choose the course in Social Work after knowing about my interests / goals. She provided me all the relevant information, its English language requirements, its assessment authority and its future relevance to my career and it was at that time I took a sigh of relief and told myself, “Preeti, you are finally in good hands, trust her and go ahead with the change that you have been always keen to explore.”

The memories are still so fresh in my mind as I rightly remember that IDP applied for Master of Social Work at Federation University on December 9, 2016 and I received the offer letter on December 15, 2016. I could not believe that the entire process could be so fast and it is on this day today, 17 March 2019 that I proudly say that I am a qualified Social Worker.

Having done my placements in Mental Health and Community developments has not only helped me grow as a person but has changed my entire vision to view life and what is the role of social workers in bringing a positive change in the life of vulnerable people. I feel that by completing my course, I have given myself a chance to reflect on my views and opinions independently. 

Therefore, I believe that one expert advice to the international students can change their entire outlook on how to proceed forward on their educational journey in this LA LA Land.

Life In Regional Australia

As I started my course at Federation University, Ballarat Campus I decided to move from the hustle bustle of city life and look for a peaceful life at the country side. I moved to Ballan, a small town near Ballarat with only 3000 people in the town. The serenity of the place made me fall in love with it as soon as I moved there. I still reside in Ballan with my husband and 7 year old daughter and regard my decision of experiencing a country life as the most beautiful part been in Australia.


IELTS Results

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Living in Melbourne

Voted the World's Most Liveable City for seven years in a row, Melbourne is popular with international students for many reasons.



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