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The advantage of further study in Australia

Have you ever thought of taking up further studies after university? Although choosing to start a postgraduate degree is a big decision that needs a big investment, many international students choose to further their education in Australia in order to gain a higher level of qualification.

So, if you are still considering your options, here are some great reasons to continue your studies in Australia.

Further study allows you to develop new skills and knowledge

One of the biggest advantages of pursuing further study in Australia is that you can expand your skills and knowledge, which can open up doors for career opportunities in Australia and around the world. For example, mastering new concepts like a new languages or technologies can give you a higher chance of landing a job easily. In addition, most employers have a high regard for those applicants with continued education, offering them higher starting salaries and incentives.

Further study can set you up for a career change

If you’re considering switching careers, then taking up continued education is important. A masters degree or a doctorate degree are excellent ways to learn new skills and knowledge, as well as enhance your current abilities in a certain area of study, which can be useful for career transition.

For example, a nursing aid who wishes to be a registered nurse can enrol in certain programs that will help them improve their capabilities while developing new skills for the bigger responsibilities that a registered nurse would handle.

Further study can help you establish new connections

Further study is also an excellent way to open doors to new networks. By networking with your professors, classmates and other students on campus, you can expand your career connections. Through these networks, you would be in a better position to find a job relevant to your degree in the future.

Further study can help you qualify for post-study work opportunities

If you wish to earn practical industry experience after graduation, then completing additional studies is the key. As per the Australian Study Requirements, for international students to qualify for post study work opportunities, you would need to complete one or more Australian qualifications that required full-time education in Australia for two or more academic years. 

Further study means you’ll be spending more time here in Australia

Since completing a postgraduate course takes a couple of years or more, you have the opportunity to travel around Australia, explore tourist destinations, meet people, gain friends and try new experiences. You can get involved with volunteer work, societies and clubs, allowing you to grow your networks. You can even get a job in between as long as your Student Visa permits, helping you gain work experience [Insert link to article "Finding work experience while studying in Australia"] while also earning. 

If you need advice about taking up further studies in Australia, feel free to speak with any of our student support services team.


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