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Graduating soon? Here's what to do when you're nearing the end of your study abroad program in Australia.

Are you nearing the end of your study abroad program in Australia and wondering what your next step will be? Whether you’re thinking of heading home or staying in Australia to pursue further studies, there is a range of options available after you graduate. Have a look at some ideas below:

Continue your education 

Many overseas students decide to stay in Australia to continue their learning experience and earn a higher level of qualification. This allows them to improve their skills and knowledge, learn new abilities, and develop expertise in a certain field of study, skills which can open up new career opportunities. 

Other than that, there are many benefits that come with pursuing further study. These may include meeting new people and increasing your network, having a better chance of being hired, preparing yourself for career transition, and so much more.

Extend your stay in Australia

If you wish to stay in Australia but don’t intend to take up further education, you can do so by traveling or working. While this may mean losing your student visa, you still have other visa options that you can apply for through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


  • Travel: If you like to explore and make the most of your time in Australia, you can apply for a tourist visa which will let you stay for up to 12 months in the country. In fact, many international students extend their stay in Australia for months after completing their degree or obtaining their diplomas to enjoy its beauty and diversity.

  • Work: You wouldn’t want to run out of money while in another country, so it is important to have a paid job for you to fund your trip. By applying for a working holiday visa or a work and holiday visa, you have the opportunity to work and travel in Australia for up to 12 months.

  • Post-study work: If you wish to gain work experience or improve your English language skills after graduation, the temporary graduate visa offers you the opportunity to remain in Australia for up to 18 months. 

Prepare for home

If enroling in a postgraduate course, traveling, or staying in Australia for good is not part of your plans, it is likely that you will be returning to your home country. As you head back home, it is important that you pack everything up and cancel all the services you are using, including electricity, bank accounts, and mobile phone. Make sure you pay all your bills and finish your lease arrangements too.

Seek advice

If you’re still having a hard time making up your mind, it would be wise to consult your institution’s international student affairs staff, or your IDP Education counsellor for advice. Many institutions offer free seminars and sessions with advice on how to adjust to life after graduation.

For more information about studying in Australia, speak with one of IDP’s student support services.



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