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Why is peer tutoring important?

Peer tutoring, also known as ‘peer mentoring’ and ‘peer assisted learning’, is an effective and affordable way of providing students with academic and personal support from other students. Typically, an older student uses their experience and knowledge to help junior students with subjects and topics they are struggling with. The flexibility of these programs allow them to happen outside of normal school hours and can take place in more comfortable environments. They can also take several different forms, like study groups, one-on-one study sessions with an older tutor, or a buddy system with people in the same class. 

Unlike a traditional structured class, peer tutoring allows all participants to share knowledge, ideas and experiences in a much more personal and collaborative way, allowing more opportunities for personalised learning. 


Improves learning 

Peer mentoring improves the learning experiences of both the tutors and students. When peer tutors participate in these schemes, they not only improve their own understanding of the subject areas, they also develop important communication and teamwork skills. Peer-assisted learning also provides a more comfortable learning environment to allow students to feel at ease and be more focused on the content, which leads to overall better performance in class.

Boosts self-confidence 

Studying with someone close to your own age can generally helps you feel more relaxed, making you less hesitant to ask questions or clarify an issue. Peer mentoring can also help you build your confidence so you can voice their concerns without feeling embarrassed.

Builds essential skills

Peer tutoring is an incredibly beneficial system that not only helps students and tutors learn more, but is also an excellent way to gain practical skills. For instance, teamwork, critical thinking, decision making skills and problem solving skills are developed when students work together to solve any issue university may thrw at them. In addition, learning with peers improves personal relationships between tutors and students, while promoting positive social behaviours and enhancing communication skills.

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