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Study In Perth


Perth offers a peaceful and safe environment for international students. Located just beside the Indian Ocean as the capital city of Western Australia, Perth is known to be one of Australia’s most fun destinations, offering a great mix of restaurants, cultural experiences and nightlife, along with white beaches, blue skies, and beautiful gardens and parks. The city is also often ranked among the most liveable cities in the world. 

After compiling some of this city’s best features below, it’s easy to see why you should continue your studies in Perth, Australia!

World class education

Education in Perth is known globally for its excellence. There are a number of universities and smaller colleges in Perth that offer a wide range of programs to choose from, from technical courses to business ones. For example, Murdoch University is home to the Asia Research Centre, which produces multi-disciplinary research in political economy, politics, policy-making, and social changes. Meanwhile, students who would like to pursue a career in engineering and mining should consider Curtin University, which has been consistently ranked in the QS World University Rankings by Subject for having an excellent curriculum in these fields.

Top Universities In Perth:

These universities are known for having world-class facilities, excellent educators, and a wide-range of programs that international students will find helpful in securing a good future.

Perth Culture: A multicultural city

Once you are in Perth, you will immediately notice its rich cultural diversity. The Western Australian population consists of more than 200 citizens from different nationalities, 100 different religious groups and the people speak in more 170 languages and dialects! Many nationalities have already formed cultural groups for international and local members to socialise with people of similar backgrounds and interests. There are a number of places of worship and places that cater for specific religious diet requirements. 

Perth Lifestyle: 

While being one of the most affordable study destinations in Australia, Perth still offers one of the best standards of living across the globe. For starters, there is a 40% discount for international students on all public transport within the city, as well as one of the lowest crime rates in Australia. The climate, population size, and public transport services help the city avoid pollution of the clear, blue skies Perth boasts for most of the year. 

Living in Perth:

While studying, you can take the opportunity to leave the city and visit the beautiful natural environment Western Australia has to offer. With thousands of kilometres of untouched shoreline and vast landscapes, there is something for everyone. You can trek through the 350-million-year-old mountain range, swim with dolphins, go diving in beautiful reefs, or learn to surf on world-class beaches! The list of fun and breathtaking activities that you can do with your friends goes on and on. 

There are countless reasons why you could choose Perth as your study abroad destination. Western Australia has amazing opportunities in terms of education, lifestyle and travel. If you are looking for a place that provides not only quality education but a safe environment at a reasonable cost of living, then Perth might just be the city for you!  

For more information and other city ideas for your education in Australia, visit our blog today. 



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