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Top 5 universities in Australia for international students


In the QS World University Rankings of over 1000 institutions, Australia’s universities perform consistently well. With an emphasis on a quality education, international students can expect degrees that open pathways to employment and opportunities. 

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From the east to the west and with a range of specialisations, international students will find their perfect match in one of Australia’s top five universities. Whether you’re looking for business, engineering, medical or law degrees, there’s a university to help you achieve the best you can.

1. Australia National University (ANU)

ANU University.jpg

Located in Australia’s capital city of Canberra, ANU enrolled its first students in 1930. It now has 25,000 students, there are six Nobel Laureates in its staff and alumni, and has one of the highest teacher-to-student ratios in Australia.

It has seven academic colleges that specialise in various disciplines. While it’s best known for arts, social sciences, politics and international relations, it has courses in:

  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Asia and the Pacific
  • Business and Economics
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Health and Medicine
  • Law
  • Science

There are a range of scholarships you can apply for. ANU focuses on research that builds a better tomorrow for everyone, with an emphasis on environment. They offer flexibility in your degree to suit your strengths. In particular, its Translational Fellowship Scheme means that there are exceptional research options in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Concentrating Photovoltaics and Concentrating Solar Thermal, Laser Guided Star Adaptive Optics, Photoreceptor Degeneration, Data Science and social topics such as inequities in health and development across populations and collaboration in the cultural sector.

Canberra has the highest standard of living in Australia. It’s got a temperate climate, ranging from highs of 30oC in summer, to lows of 0oC overnight in winter. It’s hub of Australian politics, so if you have an interest in political studies, this is a great option.

Courses Available At ANU 

2. The University of Melbourne

The uni. of Melbourne.jpg

Established in 1853, The University of Melbourne has over 50,000 students, and 40% of them are International. There’s a huge emphasis on employability, and 97% of undergraduates are successful in finding work after three to five years. There are more than 16,000 student internship partners offered, giving a wealth of experience and opportunities.

The University of Melbourne ranks very highly on the international stage, with seven subjects being deemed in the top twenty in the world. They are:

  • Their law programmes is ranked as the 6th best place to study globally
  • Anatomy programmes are the 9th best in the world
  • Education qualifications are 14th best globally
  • The medicine program ranks at 17th in the world
  • Their psychology courses are 18th best
  • Accounting and Finance qualifications are 16th in the world
  • Business programmes are globally ranked at 20th

The university has in-house academics that are community, government and business experts, as well as Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars. It offers a range of scholarships for international students.

Melbourne is ranked the world’s most livable city and has a vibrant music, food and arts scene. For anyone with a love of the arts, Melbourne will embrace you and the university equip you with the knowledge and skills to gain relevant employment in their industry of choice.

Courses Available At The University of Melbourne

3. The University of Sydney


Based in the bustling city of Sydney, The university of Sydney campus is based around its famous Quadrangle. But there’s more than just the Sydney home; with working farms and even an outpost on the Great Barrier Reef, you’ll be going places.

It’s number one in Australia for:

  • Graduate employability
  • Transportation Science and Technology
  • Veterinary Science
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Masters of Management

With almost 60,000 students, a range of International student scholarships, more than 100 major and minors for you to mix and match your studies from and more than 250 international partners, Sydney University sets you up for a bright future. If you’re studying the environment and contributing the climate change knowledge, you might be lucky enough to work from the One Tree Island research station on the Great Barrier Reef, truly an honour and rare opportunity.

Sydney itself is a large city that hums with life. Great food, fantastic nightlife and a focus on fashion make the city ideal for young people with energy and vivaciousness.

Courses Available At The University Of Sydney

4. The University of New South Wales (UNSW)


Since 1949, UNSW has been providing excellent tertiary education for people in Sydney. With 59,000 students and 7,000 members in their research community, there are incredible opportunities to be had. Not only that, but its focus on innovation means that it’s number one institution for Australian startup founders. There are a range of scholarships available.

Graduates flock to UNSW as it has a huge range of world-leading post-grad studies into:

  • Biomedical sciences
  • Water, climate and sustainability
  • Next generation materials and technologies
  • Social, Government and health policy
  • ICT and robotics
  • Law, business and economics
  • Defence and security
  • Contemporary humanities and creative arts
  • Fundamental and enabling sciences

In particular, UNSQ enables innovation, and focuses on equipping its students with what they need to gain and excel in future employment. There are a range of scholarships for International students.

Courses Available At UNSW

5. The University of Queensland (UQ)

The University of Queensland .jpg

On 114 hectares just out of Brisbane City, The University Of Queensland has a huge campus with a museum, cafes, sports facilities as well as the expected labs, lecture theatres and the largest research library in Queensland. More than 50,000 students call UQ their home, and it’s been operating since 1909 delivering quality education to Queenslanders as well as almost 20,000 international students.

It specialises in sports related subjects and is number two in the world for this. It’s also number one in Australia for Nature-based education.

Courses Available At The University Of Queensland

Australia is the lucky country

In 1964, a book was written called ‘The Lucky Country’. It’s become Australia’s nickname, as it is a lucky country, blessed with a wealth of natural resources, gorgeous beaches and forests, fertile soil and great people.

Students who move to Australia to study love the change in lifestyle and possibilities—going to the beach in the weekends, kangaroo and koala-spotting in the forests, and in general a laid-back lifestyle with easy to manage traffic and a high standard of living.

Just learn the difference between an arvo and a servo and you’ll be right mate. (Arvo= afternoon, servo= petrol station).

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