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IDP’s Got Talent

Terms and conditions for IDP's Got Talent (“Promotion”)

This promotion is strictly for a limited time only.

Terms and conditions IDP’s Got Talent Skill Game prizes

1.  The Promoter

The Promoter is IDP Education Limited (“IDP”) (ABN 59 117 676 463) of Level 10, Two Melbourne Quarter, 697 Collins St, Docklands, Victoria 3008.

2.  Eligibility

Entry is open to all international students who are commencing studies in Australia. Entrants must be over 18 years of age and in Australia on a student visa to be eligible.

Entrants must be capable of travelling to Melbourne to participate in the Grand Finale on 17 November 2022.

The Promotion is not open to:

  • Employees of IDP;
  • Parties to whom IDP has contracted work in relation to the Promotion;
  • Parties who are otherwise directly involved with this Promotion;
  • Any immediate family member of the above-mentioned parties;
  • Domestic students; or citizens or permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand

3. Entry

The Promotion commences on 23 July 2022 at 12:00 am AEST and closes on 13 October 2022 at 11:59 pm AEST (“Promotion Period”). Any entry that is not received during the Promotion Period will be deemed invalid.

To enter, entrants must:

  • Communicate a talent through the submission page on the website (“Website”) The talent must be showcased through video;
  • Be able to travel to Melbourne to participate in the Grand Finale on 17 November 2022;
  • Confirm they have a reasonable level of health and fitness to safely participate in the Grand Finale;
  • Provide valid contact details in Australia; and
  • Only submit one (1) entry.

No responsibility is accepted for entries that are not received for whatever reason, including technical difficulties with the entry mechanism or lost, late or misdirected entries.

There is no entry fee and no purchase required from IDP to enter this Promotion.

Entries that, in IDP’s judgment, contain offensive, defamatory or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate material or that infringe any third party rights (including intellectual property rights) will be invalid. This includes, but is not limited to, any entry which IDP considers to be disparaging to its products and/or services or is otherwise not in keeping with the spirit of the Promotion (in IDP’s sole and absolute discretion).

Once an entry is submitted, entrants acknowledge that the entry may not be withdrawn, altered or deleted (except as and where required by IDP).

IDP reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and may in its sole discretion disqualify any entrant it believes has subverted or attempted to subvert the entry process or who submits an entry not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Entrants may be required to provide identification and supporting documentation necessary to prove they comply with these Terms and Conditions.

4. Selection of Finalists and Prize Winners

Finalists: Ten (10) Finalists will be selected from all valid entries to participate in a Grand Finale. Selection of Finalists will take place at IDP’s premises on 17 October 2022.

Winners: Three (3) Prize Winners will be selected from the Finalists by based on the Finalists’ performances at the Grand Finale in Melbourne on 17 November 2022.

Finalists will be selected based on their video entry. Prize Winners will be selected based on performance of their talent at the Grand Finale. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality by judges chosen from IDP employees and Sponsors.

All decisions concerning the Promotion are final. No feedback will be provided. No correspondence will be entered into about the submission or selection processes, or any other aspect of the Promotion, or its administration, except for correspondence initiated by IDP.

5.  Prizes and Benefits


Finalists who do not ordinarily reside in Melbourne will be awarded the following benefits to enable them to participate in the Grand Finale (“Benefits”):

  • one (1) economy class return flight from any Australian Capital City to Melbourne on or about the date of the Grand Finale (non-Victorian resident Finalists only);
  • one (1) night’s accommodation in Melbourne on or about the date of the Grand Finale.

All Finalists will also receive a gift card/voucher to the value of $100 to cover local transport and a light meal (catering will also be provided at the Grand Finale venue).

IDP will reimburse the reasonable travel costs of Finalists who ordinarily reside in regional Victoria.

Travel and accommodation will be booked by IDP at IDP’s discretion.

Benefits are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of payment.

Prize Winners

Prize details for Prize Winners are as follows (“Prizes”). The Prize will be in the form of cash – paid by bank transfer:

  • Winner: Maximum value of AUD$5,000
  • Runner up: Maximum value of AUD$3,000
  • Second runner up: Maximum value of AUD$2,000 

Total Prize pool is valued at up to AU$10,000.

The Prizes and Benefits cannot be transferred or exchanged for its cash value. No refunds will be given if the Finalists or Winners do not utilise the Prize or Benefits or any part of it.

The Prize value is correct as at the date of printing. The value of the Benefits will not be known until the time of booking.

IDP accepts no responsibility for circumstances beyond its control that may change aspects of the Prize or Benefits.

6. Participation in Grand Finale

(a)   Finalists will be required to accept terms and conditions of Benefit providers (such as airlines and accommodation providers) in accordance with normal travel practices.

(b)   Finalists must have a valid credit or debit card. Any spending money, meals, additional activities and any other ancillary costs, including but not limited to additional accommodation expenses (such as room service, mini-bar, any damage or loss to the accommodation provider etc), insurance and any applicable insurance excesses, not listed in the Prize section above are the responsibility of the Finalist as incurred.

(c)   If any of the Finalists miss any of the arranged flights or any other travel component, that Finalist will forfeit the Benefit and/or ability to compete for the Prize (at IDP’s sole and absolute discretion).

(d)   The Finalists must follow all reasonable directions given by IDP or any Benefit supplier during the course of their participation in the Promotion, including all directions in relation to health, age, behaviour, safety and legal and responsible consumption of alcohol. No compensation will be payable if a Finalist is unable to use any element of the Benefit as stated for whatever reason, including refusal of entry or departure into or out of the relevant State or participation in any other activities for health, age, behaviour or safety reasons. If the Finalists fails to participate in the Promotion in the manner required, as stated in this condition and/or in the reasonable opinion of IDP or any Benefit supplier, the balance of the Benefit may be forfeited with no compensation payable.

(e)   All costs associated with a travel Benefit which are not specified to be included in that Benefit, including but not limited to any transfer costs (including transport to and from the airport), meals, taxes, insurance and all other ancillary costs, are the responsibility of the Finalists.

7. Notification and Publication

(a)   Each Finalist will be notified by live announcement and a follow up phone call within two (2) business days of the selection. If a potential Finalist cannot be reached by IDP within fourteen (14) days of being selected as a Finalist using the contact information provided at the time of entry, that Finalist shall forfeit their entry in the Promotion and a further Finalist may be chosen (at IDP’s sole discretion).

(b)   Winners will be notified in person at the Grand Finale and will be required to provide bank details to facilitate payment of the Prize.

(c)   Finalists and Winners will have their details published on IDP’s website ( from 18 November 2022 for a period of at least 30 days. Finalists and Winners will also have their details published on IDP’s social media pages.

(d)   In the unlikely event that a Prize or Benefit is not available, IDP reserves the right to offer an alternative Prize or Benefit of equal or similar value.

(e)   Finalists and Winners must complete a Release and Prize Acceptance Form if requested by IDP.

8. Exclusion of Liability

(a)   IDP makes no representation nor provides any warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of the Prizes or Benefits offered.

(b)   IDP is not responsible for any losses associated with any change to the value of the Prizes or Benefits.

(c)   To the maximum extent permitted by law, IDP is not liable for any loss suffered or sustained by any Finalist or any other person however caused including but not limited to consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omissions, deliberate or negligent, by IDP or its employees or its contractors or its agents in connection with supply of the Prizes or Benefits given to the Finalists.

(d)   IDP’s decision on all matters pertaining to this Promotion will be final.

(e)   IDP is under no obligation to provide reasons for any of its decisions.

(f)   The Prizes and Benefits must be taken as offered and cannot be varied.

(g)   A Finalist/Winner may be liable to declare the Prize or Benefits for tax purposes. IDP takes no responsibility for any tax payable on the Prize or Benefits. If any tax is payable on the Prize or Benefits it is the sole responsibility of the Finalist/Winner.

(h)   IDP accepts no responsibility if the Prizes or Benefits are lost, stolen, damaged or tampered with in any way.

9. Health and Safety

(a)   Due to the nature of the competition, a reasonable level of health and fitness may be required. The Finalists must be in good health and must not have any pre-existing medical conditions that would prohibit them from flying to, entering and remaining in the Grand Finale, or participating in any way in the Promotion. The Finalists must declare to IDP any health-related issues that may affect their safe participation in any part of the Grand Finale and obtain a written clearance from a medical practitioner having regard to the nature of the Promotion to IDP’s satisfaction.

(b)   IDP, upon consultation with a relevant qualified person or health care practitioner, may exclude any person from participating in any part of the Grand Finale whom IDP in its sole and absolute discretion deems to be unable to participate in any part of the Prize for health and/or safety reasons.

(c)   IDP in its absolute discretion:

  • i.   reserves the right to refuse to allow any Finalist to take part in any or all aspects of the Grand Finale if they reasonably believe the Finalist poses a safety risk or for any other reason; and
  • ii.   may cancel the relevant component of the Grand Finale if the conditions are deemed dangerous. No compensation will be payable if a Finalist is unable to use any element of the Prize or Benefits as stated for whatever reason, including refusal of participation in certain activities for health, age, behaviour or safety reasons.

10. Privacy

(a)   IDP collects personal information from all entrants in order to determine their eligibility to win the Prize and participate in this Promotion. It is a condition of this Promotion that the entrants read and agree to IDP’s privacy policy which can be found at

(b)   If the requested information is not provided, the entrant will not be eligible to claim the Prize or any Benefit and their entry may be discarded.

11. Inconsistency

(a)   To the extent that there is any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any other published material, these terms and conditions will prevail. By participating in the Promotion, the entrant acknowledges that these terms and conditions are legally binding.

(b)   IDP reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Promotion as necessary due to circumstances outside its control.

12. Copyright

(a)   Each entrant grants to IDP a world-wide, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence (including the right to sub-licence) in perpetuity to distribute, license, use and otherwise exploit the entrant’s content, or any part thereof, in any and all media, whether known or hereafter devised.

(b)   In participating in the Promotion, each Finalist agrees to participate and co-operate as required in all marketing and promotional activities relating to the Promotion, including but not limited to being interviewed, photographed and social media activity. Each Finalist grants IDP a license to use any footage and photographs of the Finalist taken in relation to the Promotion and the Finalist will receive no fee if material is used.

(c)   By entering this Promotion entrants:

  • i.  consent to IDP using their entries or materials in any manner it sees fit, including exploiting, making copies of or publishing the whole or any part of their entry, to publicise this Promotion or for any other purposes;
  • ii.  warrants that their entry is not, and its use by IDP (or its promotional partners) will not be, in breach of any third party intellectual property rights; and
  • iii.  expressly consent pursuant to the moral rights provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) to IDP having unfettered right to treat their entry in any manner at its sole discretion, to alter their entry in any manner and to IDP (or its promotional partners) not attributing authorship of their entry to the entrant; and authorship of their entry to the entrant.

13. Termination

IDP may terminate this Promotion for any reason without notice to the entrants.

14. Unforeseen Events

If for any reason any aspect of this Promotion is not capable of running as planned for any reason beyond the reasonable control of IDP, including, but not limited to, by reason of war, terrorism, state of emergency or disaster (including natural disaster), pandemic or epidemic, infection by computer virus, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or anything which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, IDP may, in its sole discretion, cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion, invalidate any affected entries and/or, if necessary, provide an alternative Prize or Benefit to the same value as the original Prize or Benefit.

15. Contact Information

For any queries or disputes concerning the conduct of this promotion, or in relation to claiming a Prize or Benefit, you should contact your State’s nearest IDP office or send an email to:

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