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Refer a high school friend and get rewarded with $300!

It’s a confusing time for many high school leavers. Making decisions about your future career and the steps you need to get there can be overwhelming. At IDP, we can help you decide what you want to do, and how to get there.

If your friends are in the same situation, refer them to us and you could be rewarded.

Refer a friend, and you both get a $300 gift card!

What do you need to do:

  1. Connect with an IDP education counsellor 
  2. Invite your high school friend to do the same and introduce him/her to the counsellor
  3. Your friend applies, submits and accepts an offer
  4. Both of you get rewarded with a $300 gift card

Why choose IDP?

  • We partner with over 400 educational institutions in Australia
  • Our friendly and dedicated counsellors can speak your language
  • It’s completely free - you don't pay anything for our services 

Talk to us today or make an appointment to speak to us by using the enquiry form on this page. Hurry, get rewarded today!   

*Terms and conditions apply:

To be eligible for the $300 gift cards, the student must introduce a friend to IDP, and that friend must be currently in high school. They must apply and accept an offer to study a higher education course that has been achieved through an application made with IDP. The student is considered to have accepted the offer when they have made received a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and made the initial course payment. Offer not valid for VET. The gift card will be issued by the student’s counsellor once the conditions of the offer have been met and gift card can be collected on census date. This offer is valid for new applications only. It does not apply to applications that are cancelled or resubmitted.

Prepare yourself for university

Now that you’ve applied and been accepted to your dream university, it’s time to prepare yourself. University is different from high school, and some people thrive with the change. Make sure you’re one of them by knowing what to expect.

University is far more self-directed than school. It relies on you using your independent learning skills, being able to organise yourself autonomously, and take initiative when needed. Many courses have minimal contact hours. While you may only have one or two lectures a week, there could be more hours of textbook reading and further study to do.

Time management is important. Leaving everything to the last minute is highly stressful, and can lead to burnout, exhaustion, and low marks. Part time work exacerbates this too, taking away time you could otherwise dedicate to study.

The ability to think independently is more important than in high school. Lecturers and teaching assistants may not have the time to hold your hand as much as you’re used to. But, especially in the first year, you will need extra support.

Many universities offer bridging courses are generally held over the school holidays. They help prepare you for university life. There are also English language/ basic tertiary level writing courses. These will help you to add extra marks and are a time investment that is worth it.


How long does the application take?

It varies, but make sure you give yourself loads of time. An application takes time to create, and you need allow time for the university to process it. Then you’ll need time to do the visa process. Apply as soon as you have your ATAR mark.

Getting the paperwork together for a visa application can take some time as health checks and English tests are required. The visa application itself can take up to a month to process, as well as then physically getting yourself to your destination. Best not to leave the process up to the last minute, or you could miss out on the first semester of studies.

How can I check the eligibility criteria or compulsory Prerequisites for a specific course?

Go to the website for your preferred educator and there will be eligibility criteria and compulsory course information there. Criteria differs a lot from course to course, and provider to provider.

I am not sure I will get the marks required for a course, is there another pathway?

If it’s looking like you won’t get the ATAR you need, there are other options. Some courses have other selection criteria, including admissions tests, interviews, or proof of your work experience in the field.

You may opt to study a different course for the first year, and then you could try to be transferred to your preferred course the following year, if your marks are good enough.

You could also consider trying to get an entry-level job in the field you’re interested in, or consider a VET qualification, which can be a pathway into university.

There are also intensive English courses that can help you improve your standard of English in order to be eligible for the desired course.

Speak to one of our counsellors if you’re unsure, and we can develop a back-up plan with you.

Do I need to give IELTS test result to get entry into my course even though I have been studying HS in Australia?

If you have studied in Australia for at least two years and you achieved at least passing grade in your English subjects, you are likely to meet English entry requirements to programs which require standard IELTS score (6.0 and 6.5), however, for programs which requires higher English entry requirements (i.e: 7.0) you will be required to give IELTS test results meeting this requirements if you have studied in Australia less than 5 years

Who can I talk to help me pick a course suitable to my strengths and passions?

This is what we do best. We listen to you as you tell us about your passions in life, what your career aspirations are, and where your strengths lie. We can then help you make the best choice for you.

How much does it cost to apply through each state’s university admission center?

you will only have to pay one application fee for each state’s application centre.

Please apply early to get the early bird low fee

UAC: starting from $70 - Contact us to find out more, or Click here

QTAC: starting from $40 - Contact us to find out more, or Click here

VTAC: Contact us to find out more, or Click here

Please contact IDP as you might be eligible to received application fee voucher. 

Will my final ATAR mark be delayed due to current pandemic?

Yes, it’s highly likely that ATAR marks will be delayed. However, many universities are not taking 2020 ATAR marks into account for undergraduate applications. If your year 11 marks are acceptable, you can be accepted on that basis.

Contact IDP

With more than 50 years of experience helping high school students choose their tertiary pathways, we make the whole process as simple and stress-free as possible.

We streamline the entire process, knowing how to get you the best results. Because of our longevity, we have good relationships with the leading institutions in Australia—we know what they are looking for in their students and applications.

We also know what you want. We can give personalised career advice, after hearing about where your strengths and passions lie. We can help you plan a career and education pathway to get you where you want to go.

Contact us today for a virtual appointment and speak with a highly skilled counsellor, or submit your details using the enquiry form on this page. Hurry, to get rewarded today.

Important COVID-19 updates for IDP students
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