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IDP 墨尔本顾问团队


Amrita Chauhan


Vaishali Jain

Vaishali加入我们之前在Swinburne大学的未来学生和学生部门工作。她还曾在Study Group Melbourne和格里菲斯大学担任学生促进顾问,负责管理印度加拿大大学的推广工作。她在海德拉巴学习商业,在伦敦学习领导与管理。作为一个21个月大男孩的母亲,Vaishali喜欢把所有业余时间都和他一起玩。她也是一名职业画家。

Sophie Li

Sophie来自中国,2002年来到澳大利亚,本科毕业于Monash大学,研究生毕业于墨尔本大学。Sophie老师专门帮助来自中国和东南亚的学生:包括新加坡、台湾、中国大陆和澳门。从2009年开始Sophie一直在IDP工作,在确保学生进入合适的学校和选择课程方面 Sophie拥有丰富的经验和知识, 给予学生专业的意见和指导。在空余时间,她喜欢慢跑,和朋友一起看电影和收集杯子。

Summer Feng


Ubonrat Chuensin


Amy Le



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Virtual counselling

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Our team of friendly, skilled education counsellors speak a range of languages. They will support you and your family from the moment you arrive, to the moment you achieve permanent residency, or your dream career. Check out their bios and get to know them better:

Sophie Li

Fluent in Mandarin and English
Sophie is originally from China and has been living in Australia since 2006. Sophie specialises in assisting students from Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Taiwan, Mainland China and Macao. Sophie has been working for IDP since 2009 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in ensuring students enrol in the right institution and courses. When Sophie isn’t working she enjoys jogging, watching movies with friends and collecting mugs.

Candy Tran

Fluent in Vietnamese and English
Candy is originally from Vietnam and has been living in Australia since 2010. She completed a Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University and chose to become an education counsellor as she's passionate about helping students achieve success.  Candy has worked in the education industry for 7 years and has built a solid foundation of expertise in managing the issues, needs and difficulties in this specialised field.  When she isn’t working, Candy loves reading and travelling.

Vaishali Jain

Fluent in Hindi and English
Vaishali joins us from Swinburne University where she’s worked in both future students and at student HQ. She’s also worked with Study Group Melbourne and Griffith University as a Student Progress Advisor, managing the promotion of Canadian Universities in India. She studied commerce in Hyderabad, and Leadership & Management in London and is also a professional painter.

Summer Feng

Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English
Summer is from China and has been living in Australia since 2013. She completed a Master of Teaching and successfully applied for a competitive scholarship during her time here. She worked with IDP China in 2011 and since moving to Melbourne, has been working at IDP Student Service Office and IELTS UKVI Marking Hub. Summer looks after students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. She is passionate about helping students achieve their educational goals and in her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, playing piano and photographing.

Ubonrat Chuensin

Fluent in Thai and English
Ubonrat is originally from Thailand and has been living in Australia since 2004. She has worked for IDP since 2002, originally starting at IDP Bangkok. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge assisting students enrol in the right institutions and courses. When she isn’t working, Ubonrat enjoys traveling and cooking. 

Makara Khiev

Fluent in Khmer and English
Rejoining IDP from Cambodia, Makara already has a wealth of experience with international students.  He’s recently finished a graduate diploma in Migration Law at VU and has previously studied Master of Education in Leadership and Managment at La Trobe. Makara is full of energy and ideas on how to capture, grow and assist these students.  In his free time, he loves to travel.

Jimmy Nguyen

Fluent in Vietnamese and English
Originally from Vietnam, Jimmy has called Australia home since 2011, and graduated with a Graduate Certificate in Management with the Australian Institute of Business in 2013. He has intensive experience working in customer service and administration assistant positions at Chisholm Institute, Swinburne University and recently at the University of Melbourne. He is a social media expert and has a wealth of experience in the higher education sector that will make him an asset to our team. 

Alice Guan

Our Senior Migration Consultant Alice has more than 8 years experience in the migration industry and her specialisations include temporary/permanent employer sponsored visas, GSM and skills assessing bodies, business visas, student visas, family migration, resident return visas, and Australian citizenship applications. Her grad cert in Australian Migration law comes from Victoria University and she used to be a NAATI accredited translator in Chinese and English specialising migration documents. She knows practically everything about Australian visas!


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Need help with a visa application? We have in-house migration agents who can help with applications for a range of visa types.





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