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  • 不满50岁
  • 持有合法签证
  • 获得近期CRICOS注册课程的资格
  • 满足相关种类(本科/研究生毕业)的其他要求


您可能需要提供英语学习证明作为签证申请的一部分。 如果您需要考试成绩,雅思是官方英语测试的提供者。 由于IDP是雅思考试的主办方之一,您可以在我们任何一个澳大利亚雅思考试中心Australian IELTS test centres参加雅思考试。


作为签证申请的一部分,您必须满足某些健康要求。 我的健康声明My Health Declarations(MHD)适用于需要健康检查的签证申请人。

查看Department of Home Affairs注册要求的完整列表。


申请可以在Department of Home Affairs在线进行。准备好所有文件以完成申请和付款,以确保您的签证申请有效。




Department of Home Affairs有一份完整的清单,列出申请签证时所需的一切。我们建议您阅读此信息与我们联系以获取帮助



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482 visa conditions

There are a range of conditions for the visa.

  • you must maintain your health insurance for the period that you are in Australia.
  • you need to only work in the nominated occupation that you were employed to do
  • you must not be disruptive, violent, or threaten harm to the Australian community or group of people within the community.
  • work only for your sponsor, unless you have an exemption

Can a 482 visa lead to a permanent residence in Australia?

A 482 visa can lead to a permanent residence in Australia in some circumstances. This is via the 186 direct entry visa subclass. You may be eligible for permanent residence if you meet the criteria for 186 visa subclass and are under 45 years of age at the time you lodge your permanent residence application.


Can you get a permanent residence on a 482 visa?

The 482 visa can be a pathway to a permanent residence in Australia through the 186 visa subclass. You have to meet the permanent residence conditions, including age, language and other requirements.

How long is a 482 visa valid for?

A 482 short term stream visa enables you to stay in Australia for up to 2 years, or up to 4 years on the medium term stream or if an International Trade Obligation is applicable.

What are the requirements for a 482 visa?

  • you must be suitably skilled in a trade or career listed on the skills shortage list.
  • you must be nominated by an approved employer sponsor.
  • you must have health insurance for the entire period you intend to be in Australia.
  • you must have adequate English.

What is the difference between a 457 and 482 visa?

The 457 visa scheme has been replaced by the 482 visa. There are a range of differences between them. Check the Australian Department of Home Affairs website more information.

Can I switch companies on a 482 visa?

You can change employers/ sponsors on a 482 visa, but a range of criteria must be met. You must stay in the same skill set and role.

Can I extend my 482 visa?

You can apply for another two year visa. It’s only renewable once.

Can I buy a house in Australian on a 482 visa?

You can buy a property in Australia on a non-resident visa, but you must meet the Department of Home Affairs’ criteria and requirements, This includes getting a FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) approval, and the home you purchase must be your primary residence.

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