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Live and study in Tasmania

Get the best out of your experience in Australia!

Tasmania will surprise and delight you. Picturesque and rich in natural beauty, it’s more affordable than bigger cities, and has an interesting, unique arts scene. Read on to learn about course and job possibilities in Tasmania.

Future proof your career, consider study and work in Tasmania

If you’re keen to secure permanent residency, and looking to settle in a regional area, it’s important to assess if you would be able to find employment in your ideal occupation from the skilled occupation or state nomination list. For example, if you’re studying Nursing, ensure that after you graduate you can find work as a Nurse in the new city.

Australian government is encouraging skilled workers to regional areas to avoid overcrowding in the major cities. If you apply for the 491 Visa, you will benefit from 5 extra points living and studying in regional Australia, plus there is priority processing on regional visas which will also make a difference to your application. If you’re interested in exploring a pathway to permanent residency, have you considered moving Tasmania?

Industries in demand in Tasmania

Tasmania is known for its high quality produce and growing tourism industry. Graduates are in demand for industries like agriculture, tourism, mining amongst others. Healthcare, education, social assistance, agriculture are reliable and stable industries for graduates to find employment upon graduation.

Study in Tasmania

The University of Tasmania or UTAS is one of Australia’s oldest universities, founded in 1890.

Learn about their leading courses in Agriculture, Nursing and Tourism.

Study the Bachelor of Agriculture and benefit from exciting career outcomes like working in farming, production, smart technology, entrepreneurship and/or business. Possible job roles could be Agronomist, Horticulturist, Microbiologist or Plant scientist. Industry demand for agriculture graduates is high in Australia where graduates work in various areas from science to production.

The Bachelor of Agriculture is a leading course from the University of Tasmania, equipping students with the skills needed to tackle global agriculture challenges. Highly practical in approach; students can transfer their skills to work anywhere in the world.

Study Nursing at UTAS

Becoming a registered Nurse is a rewarding career where you can make a difference to others and help improve the well-being of the community. With UTAS, there are 2 options to either study the traditional 3 year program in Hobart or a fast tracked 2 year course in Launceston. There is a University preparation program, a 1 year program preparing adults with academic and personal skills to enter the desired university course.

Graduates of Nursing can work in different environments from chronic disease management, Indigenous health, emergency medicine and mental health.

Study Tourism at UTAS

UTAS offer a 1 year Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma in Tourism, Environmental and Cultural Heritage. Learn the skills and gain the knowledge to kick start your career in tourism.

Study business and tourism subjects and learn about the business development of tourist innovations, how to manage the cultural sensitivity of tourist sites and how to maintain sustainable tourism principles. The course is highly practical with certain subjects taught on location for deeper enrichment. Tasmania is home to 7 UNESCO listed sites providing inspiration and an ideal learning environment for your career in tourism.

In undertaking the diploma, you will learn how to evaluate the success factors in key tourist attractions and communicate your findings to key stakeholders. In core topics, learn how to create and maintain sustainable tourism development and how to tackle global issues in Tourism.

Are you interested in studying in Tasmania? Call into your local IDP office to speak with an experienced education counsellor or call IDP on 1800 664 700.

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