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Top Universities in Sydney

For an international student, Sydney is an amazing choice. The big-city vibe brings people from all over the world, it’s a truly international destination. It’s got fantastic cycling, bus and rail networks so you can easily get around. It’s clean, unpolluted, with amazing beaches, outdoor adventures, and a fantastic lifestyle. So what are you waiting for?

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The University of Sydney

At place number 42 in the QS world university rankings, The University of Sydney is one of the best options in the world for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree. It’s ranked first in the world in terms of graduate employability, with innovative and well-respected qualifications. Over 50,000 students attend here, of which 12,000 are internationals.

It’s a beautiful campus, with impressive architecture that just oozes tradition. Because it’s over 150 years old, everything is steeped in tradition. It has the oldest cricket club in Australia, it consistently wins a range of sporting competitions, and the integrity of the learning follows a similar path. Sydney University has high expectations of its students and a reputation to uphold in its hallowed halls.

It offers over 100 major and minor subjects of study so there’s a degree to suit your skills. There’s also the ability to choose subjects outside your primary degree, so you’re learning broadly, and in areas that interest you. There are real-world projects too, so you’re able to actually have experience in authentic, career- assisting scenarios.

Their major research areas include:

  • Agricultural and veterinary sciences
  • Built environment and design
  • Chemical sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Commerce, management, tourism and services
  • Earth sciences
  • Creative arts and writing
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Environmental sciences
  • Human society
  • History and archaeology
  • Informational and computing sciences
  • Law and legal studies
  • Language, communication and culture
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Philosophy and religious studies
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Technology
  • Psychology and cognitive sciences

For international students, there are a raft of services and support, so that you succeed in your plans. There’s English language support, with one-on-one contact with highly qualified academic staff, so that you’re primed for the best results.

There’s a range of scholarships for international students, which can cover some aspects of your study through to full accommodation, fees and living costs.

There are accommodation options off site, but many new students prefer the ease and social life that comes with living on campus. The Regiment, Queen Mary Building, Abercrombie, International House, the Terraces, and a range of colleges and off-campus university- run halls give you options for living the student life.

You must meet the course criteria, which is different for each intended area of study. Most have minimum Mathematics, English language and educational standards, and these will differ depending on the course. Some degrees require additional information such as auditions, interviews or specialised educations. There is also a preparation programme as an admission pathway for undergraduate hopefuls.



The uni. of Sydney.jpg

The University of New South Wales UNSW

Time spent at the University of New South Wales is going to be some of the best experiences in your life, studying alongside 52,000 other students, including 13,000 internationals. The 43rd best university in the world, graduates from UNSW have the highest median full-time starting salaries in Australia and are highly employable.

Teaching content has a real focus on what will be useful in the real world. Case studies will show outcomes to decisions in real organisations, and teaching is relevant to what is happening in the industry now. This results in a lot of students creating start-ups once their degree is completed, and UNSW produces more millionaires than all Australian universities combined. It’s a social campus too, compact and easy to get around.

It’s been voted the number one engineering faculty in Australia, and also the number one business school for accounting and finance. Their research areas of speciality include:

  • Biomedical sciences
  • Water, climate environment and sustainability
  • Next generation materials and technologies
  • Social policy, government and health policy
  • ICT, robotics and devices
  • Law, business and economics
  • Fundamental and enabling sciences
  • Contemporary humanities and creative arts
  • Defence and security

Housing is vital for enabling the best outcomes in your studies. UNSW provides the largest number of student housing options in Sydney, both on and off campus. Full or part board, catered or not, there’s Colombo House, Fig Tree Hall, International House, The Kensington Colleges, and UNSW Hall as well as Barker Street, High Street, Mulwarree and University Terraces apartments.

For international students, there’s a professional development program, designed to cover workplace communication skills, advice and tips for recruitment and a range of other workplace skills to make you transition from education to employment successful and smooth. There are also many scholarships available, as well as a broad range of clubs and societies in almost every area of interest.

Application standards here include minimum English levels, and entry requirements differ depending on the course.


University of Technology Sydney

Ranked 140th in the world, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has just under 44,000 students, and about one quarter of them are international. It’s only 30 years old but offers world-leading top 100 experiences in:

  • Nursing
  • Art and design
  • Sports related subjects
  • Library and information management
  • Architecture
  • Accounting and finance

UTS has a greater emphasis on creating high performers in real life. With a focus on internships and volunteering with relevant societies, it creates well-rounded members of society. It creates capable people by making students think about where they want to be, and helping them get there. Learn by doing, not thinking.

The campus is dynamic and new, with cutting edge technology and sustainable design. For international students, it offers English language support, career development and clubs and societies to support every area of interest. There are on-campus housing options, with a range of support options for international students.

Admittance criteria here will include academic achievements, English proficiency, and possibly other proof of ability such as work experience. This depends on the course you are intending to take.

Ranked number 468 in the world, the Western Sydney University has 41,000 students, and about 10% of them are from overseas. It has a comprehensive range of study options, with a range of pathways to success.

The degrees are designed to be flexible, give practical skills that employers want and produce high-performing and successful graduates. Their teaching staff come from varied backgrounds, and their strong subjects include biology, teaching, and sports sciences. Because it’s outside the main centre, it’s cheaper to live and there’s more parking available. It’s a young university, and as a result is highly progressive.

Research themes at Western Sydney University are all carefully chosen to create maximum positive impact on the world, encompassing all their schools of study:

  • Education and work
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Urban living future and society

There are a number of living options on campus that are fully catered and serviced. You’ll join a community of other amazing students close to all the facilities and experiences on campus. There are also many on-campus clubs and societies, so you can easily meet like-minded people and make friends.

There are a range of support options for International students, from academic and English support through to a 24/7 assistance phone number. Scholarships are available for undergrad and postgrad studies, as well as research projects.

Minimum course requirements here will include pre-existing levels of education and good English abilities. Some courses may require additional information or pre-qualification studies. If you don’t meet the requirements, The College provides a bridge to study with English and university prep courses.

Choose Sydney for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree

With some of the best universities in the world, Sydney offers an incredible learning environment.

If you want to explore the opportunities there, IDP can help. From visa application, university choice and support in choosing courses, IDP offers expert solutions and guidance. Contact us today to plan tomorrows success.

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