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 护理(医疗保健) - 专业,就业和薪资










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  • 重症监护
  • 急诊
  • 心理健康
  • 社区医疗
  • 医院医疗
  • 肿瘤护理
  • 儿科护理


如果您是国际学生,那么学习并成为一名护士可以提供通往澳大利亚永久居留权的途径。 与IDP顾问交谈,了解更多关于学习和签证选择的信息。




University of Technology Sydney

Ranked 140th in the world, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has just under 44,000 students, and about one quarter of them are international. It’s only 30 years old but offers world-leading top 100 experiences in:

  • Nursing
  • Art and design
  • Sports related subjects
  • Library and information management
  • Architecture
  • Accounting and finance

UTS has a greater emphasis on creating high performers in real life. With a focus on internships and volunteering with relevant societies, it creates well-rounded members of society. It creates capable people by making students think about where they want to be, and helping them get there. Learn by doing, not thinking.

The campus is dynamic and new, with cutting edge technology and sustainable design. For international students, it offers English language support, career development and clubs and societies to support every area of interest. There are on-campus housing options, with a range of support options for international students.

Admittance criteria here will include academic achievements, English proficiency, and possibly other proof of ability such as work experience. This depends on the course you are intending to take.

Ranked number 468 in the world, the Western Sydney University has 41,000 students, and about 10% of them are from overseas. It has a comprehensive range of study options, with a range of pathways to success.

The degrees are designed to be flexible, give practical skills that employers want and produce high-performing and successful graduates. Their teaching staff come from varied backgrounds, and their strong subjects include biology, teaching, and sports sciences. Because it’s outside the main centre, it’s cheaper to live and there’s more parking available. It’s a young university, and as a result is highly progressive.

Research themes at Western Sydney University are all carefully chosen to create maximum positive impact on the world, encompassing all their schools of study:

  • Education and work
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Urban living future and society

There are a number of living options on campus that are fully catered and serviced. You’ll join a community of other amazing students close to all the facilities and experiences on campus. There are also many on-campus clubs and societies, so you can easily meet like-minded people and make friends.

There are a range of support options for International students, from academic and English support through to a 24/7 assistance phone number. Scholarships are available for undergrad and postgrad studies, as well as research projects.

Minimum course requirements here will include pre-existing levels of education and good English abilities. Some courses may require additional information or pre-qualification studies. If you don’t meet the requirements, The College provides a bridge to study with English and university prep courses.

Choose Sydney for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree

With some of the best universities in the world, Sydney offers an incredible learning environment.

If you want to explore the opportunities there, IDP can help. From visa application, university choice and support in choosing courses, IDP offers expert solutions and guidance. Contact us today to plan tomorrows success.




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