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Thrive Rewards Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to join the Thrive Rewards Program to help you to make the most of your life as an international student in Australia or New Zealand (your “study destination”). IDP Education Limited (ACN 117 676 463) (“IDP”) offers a range of additional services and benefits through Thrive Rewards and we also partner with a range of service providers to provide access to ongoing benefits. 
Before proceeding, we need to advise you of some important information and have you acknowledge your acceptance. If there is anything below that requires further explanation, please ask your IDP Counsellor or contact your nearest IDP office at

Student Declaration

I understand:

  • Some benefits are arranged by IDP but delivered by other providers (“benefit providers”).
  • I may be required to sign further documentation with those benefit providers.
  • I must read the terms and conditions of any service or product and must to adhere to those terms and conditions.
  • IDP has taken reasonable care to select suitable benefit providers and will monitor feedback and service quality. IDP does not give any guarantees and is not responsible for these services or benefits.
  • IDP may contact me about my Thrive Rewards participation.
  • I am responsible for taking up the services offered by Thrive Rewards.  I will need to read the information provided by either IDP and/or benefit service providers, which will include details on how the services operate, and important limitations and requirements (e.g. expiry periods).
  • Where the services are provided by benefit providers, IDP makes no representation, warranty or guarantee, whether express or implied, as to the quality, accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of the services provided to you. IDP is not responsible or liable in any way for any loss or damage incurred by you arising from the services provided by the benefit providers.
  • IDP’s role is by way of introduction with the benefit providers and any issues, including, but not limited to, payment, refunds, and complaints, are to be dealt with between you and the benefit provider.
  • All information that I give to IDP or to any benefit provider will be genuine and correct. Giving false or misleading information may lead to termination of the services and may also jeopardise the outcome of those services.
  • IDP may receive a commission from benefit providers when I sign up to that service/product.
  • I am obliged to comply with all applicable laws, and all terms and conditions of the services.
  • IDP is an Australian company, and the services will be provided in accordance with applicable law, including the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). However, IDP does not provide any guarantees other than as set out in the ACL.  To the extent permitted by law, IDP hereby limits its liability to you to supplying the services again or (at IDP’s election) payment of the cost of having the services or benefits resupplied.
  • Any disputes will be determined exclusively in Melbourne, Australia under Australian law.

My Personal Information and (if applicable) Sensitive Information (defined in the Privacy Policy) is being collected, held, used and disclosed in accordance with IDP’s Privacy Policy ( that it may be disclosed to benefit providers.

Minors (This declaration is only applicable if under 18 years of age)

  • Parent/Guardian Consent: I understand that further consents may be required from my parent/guardian for services. I acknowledge that the services may not be provided if the relevant consent cannot be obtained.

Updates to these terms and conditions 
This version of these terms and conditions was published 01/11/2021.

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