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Avondale College New Zealand

New Zealand
关于 Avondale College New Zealand

Avondale College provides an outstanding quality of education within one of New Zealand's biggest and best secondary schools. Avondale College’s co-educational college has all the advantages of size yet offers all the warmth, encouragement and intimacy of a small school. The facilities and setting are second to none, and the teaching is of the very highest standard. Its student body of over 2,600 includes 150 foreign fee-paying students who come to the college for the high quality of education that is on offer both in English language and in the broader academic curriculum. It offers both NCEA and Cambridge pathways and the focus at Avondale College is on academic success for all their students. The institute’s aim is to provide the education best suited to the needs of their students and the community it serves. It stresses on the importance of an academic curriculum supported by all the important sporting, social and cultural aspects of education. In the last few years Avondale has achieved top academic results, including outstanding Scholarship and Cambridge results. Avondale College prepares their students for future opportunities in the tertiary education sector and in all vocational areas including commerce, trade and the professions. Avondale College is situated just 10kms south west of Auckland City, with easy access to many amenities and attractions.

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专业团体成员 Accrediting Commission for Schools, WASC
-36.89023, 174.69034 Victor Street,Avondale,Auckland,1026 New Zealand
地址:Victor Street, Avondale, Auckland, 1026 New Zealand

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