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Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)

关于 Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)

Intensive English Language Institute is committed to working with students to provide the best English language education and service possible. It believes that communication is the key to providing good service and helping students get the most benefit from their programs. At the Institute, it will challenge the students to develop their language skills to a high level. The course will also help students develop intellectual flexibility and cultural communication skills to give them confidence in their future endeavours. The IELI teachers and staff work hard to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The commitment is to provide the best educational program and social support possible. The Institute wants to create a learning community where each student can achieve the best.

IELI starts at a beginner level and helps students build their English ability step by step. Each level teaches new language skills and gives students a lot of practice and feedback to help them use new structures and expressions. Students are placed separately by skill area. Its curriculum helps students become more fluent in English as well as focussing on pronunciation, accuracy, and organisational structure. IELI classes encourage students to learn about the world and to use their English skills to express ideas on important issues affecting their future.

IELI is located on the campus of Flinders University. Studying on a university campus is an excellent way for the students to learn about the culture of Australian education.

此机构认可IELTS成绩 Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)
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专业团体成员 English Australia
-35.01842, 138.57553 GPO Box 2100,Adelaide,South Australia,5001 Australia
IELI Main Campus
地址:GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, South Australia, 5001 Australia

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