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From China, to Australia. Jacob and Zoe made it happen with IDP.

Studying as an international student is never an easy feat. Zoe and Jacob from China say that learning how to live in a foreign country means you also need to learn how to cook, look after yourself and make friends. Being an international student involves overcoming different challenges like homesickness and different types of cuisine.

When Zoe first arrived in Australia, she lived with an Italian woman who cooked mostly Italian dishes. She eventually became familiar with her host’s cooking, which usually included different types of pasta like spaghetti and lasagna.

Jacob says that the Chinese way of preparing and cooking dishes is very different from how it is done for Australian food. In fact, to get up to speed, he learned to cook a lot of Australian food by watching videos on YouTube!

Both Jacob and Zoe agree that living as international students in the land “Down Under” helped them grow and learn. With IDP’s help, they have been able to adapt well, meet friends, experience new things and ultimately complete the programs they liked.

They say that IDP counsellors have also been helpful during their adjustment periods, providing valuable advice as they start their student lives in Australia.

IDP continues to provide amazing opportunities to students around the world who want to experience first-class, quality education. For more information about the services IDP offers, contact one of our friendly counsellors today.

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