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Kenny had a dream. IDP had the way.

Kenny from Vietnam has always wanted to study accounting in Australia, firmly believing that this experience would open doors to abundant opportunities for him and his family. With IDP’s help, Kenny made his dream a reality, and now lives and works in Sydney as an accountant.

Kenny is excited that his younger sister is also planning to study in Australia soon with the help of IDP. He is excited at the prospect that his sister will also be able to enjoy the same opportunities that were made available to him.

Kenny says that people in Australia are always willing to help, which is why he also plans to assist other international students who want to study in Australia. He says that to be able to enjoy Australia, students just need to be able to enjoy themselves, which is what the country is all about.

IDP offers students the chance to study in Australia at their choice of institution. For more information about our services, contact our counsellors today.

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