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Monash University startup business and careers in STEMM

Monash University accelerator, The Generator, as a key part of developing an entrepreneurial culture at Monash has become one of the most in-demand university startup accelerators. Piloted in 2016, The Generator is one of Australia’s best up-and-coming university accelerators, having mentored over 100 startups and funded 23 successful companies to date.


A bootstrapped startup which jumped from $4,000 to $55,000 in revenue per month, and two teams who interviewed for Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator, the US accelerator behind companies such as Airbnb and Dropbox, are just two exceptional results to have come out of the first cohort of founders from The Generator.

Nine out of 187 applications were selected for the newest contingent of startups for 2018. Entrepreneur-in-residence and mentor Kishan Thurairasa, said The Generator’s success centres around its care for the participants. “We genuinely focus on and care about our founders,” he said. “We believe this philosophy will lead to successful founders, impactful startups, and a more entrepreneurial university.”

The Generator’s founder-first approach is a long term strategy, and prioritises investing and nurturing high-potential individuals rather than well-established startups, in the knowledge that even if their current idea isn’t the golden ticket, one of their next ones will be.

And it’s working. Results from the 2017 cohort have proven this model, resulting in one team skyrocketing from $4k/month to $55k/month in revenue, while another scrapped their startup in the final month of the program and launched their next business - Mindset, a hypnosis productivity app - with the learnings, earning 12,000 users in the subsequent three months.

A career in STEMM. Monash University is ranked No. 1 in Australia for Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Chemistry, Engineering and Technology (THES rankings by subject 2016-2018, QS World Rankings 2017) and No.1 in Visual Arts (The Australian government ERA Report 2015). Monash is an agent of change especially for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

Monash is also voted No. 1 in Australia by local recruiters for graduate employability (THES 2016-2017).

Monash University offers students exceptional learning and teaching experiences and outstanding facilities. It also offers students the opportunity to develop themselves through the many community, social and career activities we offer and the Generator Start up business is only one of many ways. Our students can immerse themselves in an extended family of students from more than 100 countries, experiencing our rich and diverse culture on and off campus.

Many of our research achievements, such as the development of IVF, have had a profound and lasting impact on the world. We look forward to continuing to make a positive impact thanks to the effort of our talented students, staff and alumni.

The current Monash project – called Participatory Research and Ownership with Technology, Information and Change (PROTIC) – is an example how mobile phones can improve the lives of women farmers in rural Bangladesh.

Mobile phones have allowed these women to dial in a world of information. They receive SMS weather alerts, for instance, and might be warned to move their livestock if heavy rain is forecast. They’ve learned how to vaccinate their poultry, how to recognise and treat diseases in their cows, and how to grow vegetables in baskets – a technique called 3D farming – which means the produce is unaffected by salt and chemicals in the river silt. They talk to each other, share their new skills, and are generally becoming more savvy and resilient.

The technology also means that rural women in Bangladesh “are beginning to influence how Oxfam is in Bangladesh, and how the NGOs think about their work, how they learn and plan”. It’s a practical, empowering intervention in a country where 70 per cent of population live in villages, and where women grow their family’s food.



A world of opportunity for STEMM graduates. Did you know engineering graduates are among the most employable and highest paid graduates in Australia, with a median starting salary of AUD $60,000 per annum (Graduate Careers Australia) or with technology changing rapidly the savvy IT professionals will be even more desired?

Join Monash Engineering, IT and Science, the No. 1 Engineering faculty in Australia, renowned worldwide for the quality of our teaching and research, and the calibre of our graduates who are highly sought after in the job market.

Did you know? Monash is the only university in the prestigious Group of Eight with a faculty exclusively dedicated to Information Technology. This allows us to offer both breadth and depth, giving students an excellent choice of courses, units and flexibility. We cover every major area of Information Technology in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

Monash staff and students enjoy the outstanding facilities on offer. For example, the $3.5 million Xline 2000R printer is one of five made to date. It’s the only one outside America and Europe, the only one based in a university and the only one in the southern hemisphere available for contract manufacturing. Monash University’s  world’s largest metal printer has been used to print a large door hinge from a Chinese jet airliner. It is the largest powder bed 3D printed metal aerospace component printed to date.

Did you know? Monash College – Your excellent pathway to Monash University.

For more than 20 years Monash College has been offering many of our most outstanding students a pathway into Monash University. Studying at Monash College is a fast tract, most effective and enjoyable pathway to prepare for Monash life, providing you with skills, support and friendships that you will draw upon throughout your careers. You will enjoy the innovative learning and teaching methodology and the vibrant student community. 

For further information, visit:

Foundation year. The Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) leads to the 1st year in one of Monash 10 faculties.  MUFY is accepted by all Australian universities for entry to first year of a bachelor degree.

Diplomas. Monash is the only Go8 University offering international and domestic students courses leading to the second year at Monash University. You'll study the same subjects as first year university students and your classes will be held on campus. The only difference is the class sizes are smaller, and you'll get more support in learning how to study in Australia.

Supporting you along the way. "The learning style at Monash College is different to what you're used to. I'll help you with essays, referencing, oral presentations, report writing and group work skills. I also organise academic writing and exam preparation workshops. I want to make sure you improve your marks and that you have a great learning experience!" Rachel Chamberlain, Learning Skills Adviser.

Scholarships. More than 200 types of scholarships are offered every year from full tuition fee scholarships to one off grants. Visit:

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