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IDP Education (Cambodia) employs over 450 local and international staff in Cambodia across all our various business streams in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Working at IDP

IDP Education (Cambodia) provides a rich multi-cultural work environment to both local and international staff members. While expatriate staff can enjoy working with students from various backgrounds and at the same time can learn both the language and culture from their counterparts, Cambodian colleagues are exposed to more than 15 different nationalities and cultures. On top of the career path, IDP Education is committed to providing competitive employment packages to both local and international staff.

Teaching positions

Non-Cambodian academic staff

Exciting teaching opportunities exist for fully-qualified native English-speaking teachers at the Australian Centre for Education (ACE), Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Teachers are needed for terms starting in January, April, July and September each year. 

Applicants who apply for a teaching position must meet the minimum requirement of an undergraduate degree and a recognised ESL/EFL teaching qualification, for example the CELTA or a accredited equivalent. An ESL/EFL qualification should contain at least 120 hours of classroom instruction, usually intensive over a four-week period, and a practical teaching component of at least 6 hours. ACE is unable to accept online courses or those which do not meet these requirements. 

Cambodian academic staff

Applicants who apply for a teaching position must meet the minimum requirement of a Bachelor of Education in English, and a good command of English language proficiency (minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.5) – applicants might be required to take an IELTS test to demonstrate the required IELTS score. 

ACE is committed to protecting the rights of children and may request evidence of current police clearance.

Non-teaching positions

If you are looking for a place to develop your skill set, to communicate professionally in English, and to build strong career paths, IDP Education (Cambodia) is the first choice for you.

If you are interested in working at IDP Education (Cambodia), please send your CV and Cover Letter to the Recruitment Team at  

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