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Alone in the UK: How to Fit in and Where to Get Help

Now that you’re set to kick-start your adventure in the UK, it is useful to find out how you can understand more about the culture and community.

The time taken to adjust to new surroundings is different for everyone, and for some, it’s also about having to cope with loneliness, stress and everything else that comes with being away from your friends and family.

As you start to revel in the perks of being an international student, you’ll learn to appreciate how certain things work - local transport for example - and realise how there are so many channels that you can tap on to support your life abroad.

How to Fit in After Moving to the UK

Once you get over the initial culture shock, living in the UK can be a wonderful experience.

You’ll get plenty of support from teachers and students in UK universities, and there are endless groups and forums to join if you're looking for opportunities to socialize.

Ultimately, the key to understanding how to fit in at a new school in the UK is being proactive!

Just like joining any new school, you need to go out of your way to find chances for personal growth and development. Start by:

  • Taking part in school-wide events: There are plenty of amazing events to attend after moving to the UK if you want to get a feel for your new university. For instance, "Freshers" week is a rite of passage at British Universities, where you can go and meet new people, learn about your campus, and have fun! Freshers week often includes a bunch of exciting events, including day-time group activities and night-time music festivals or gigs.
  • Joining the right clubs: Whenever you're wondering how to fit in at a new school, one of the best things you can do is track down like-minded individuals. So, how do you do that? Simple - go and join some Uni groups. You'll find plenty of clubs and societies advertised both on your Uni's website and social media pages and on notice boards around the campus too. You might even decide to try some new hobbies, like rugby, football, or water polo!
  • Take advantage of every opportunity: Don't limit yourself to athletic groups or computer teams either! Remember that you can also find great social opportunities by volunteering at charity and fundraising opportunities or joining travel groups that give you a chance to explore all the best locations around the UK!

Living in the UK: Where to Get Help

If figuring out how to fit in in college when you move to the UK seems overwhelming - don't panic.

There's nothing wrong with feeling a little daunted and homesick from time to time.

You've moved across the world into a brand-new environment unlike anything you've ever experienced before. It's no wonder you feel like you need some extra support.

The good news? Help is out there. Or you could even join international student groups on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Some universities offer in-house support groups for people who want face-to-face support from their peers. Remember - you're probably not the only student in this situation - if a group doesn't already exist at your school, create one and give people the chance to join up!

If you’re feeling really downcast, don't ignore your feelings. Seek help by speaking to your school counselor - they'll know what to do.

Making the best of your experience

Ultimately, assimilating into the British lifestyle can be overwhelming at first - but it does get easier.

Moving to the UK is a big step for anyone, but you do not have to worry about fitting in. Remember that there are plenty of support options available, and many international students are also facing similar issues.

If you're concerned about living in the UK, speak to an IDP counsellor for free - they’ve been in the same shoes as you before!

You can also find out more about studying and living in other countries, as well as if you’ve got any questions regarding accommodation and banking matters.

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