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Kick-start Your Study Abroad Journey - For Free!

Studying abroad is an experience that allows you to spread your wings and soar. That's also probably what attracted millions of students around the globe to leave the familiarity of their home countries and jet off to entirely new places.

Whether you are looking to benefit from higher education at a prestigious university abroad or simply adore the idea of a new country to fall in love with, studying abroad might have occurred to you at some point.

All the preliminary preparations, applications, and setting up a life abroad can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

At IDP, we have 50 years of experience helping students just like yourself enter their dream courses for free.

From Australia to Ireland, we provide tailored advice to help you streamline your application, enabling you to leap across hurdles and have a fulfilling study abroad experience.

Best of all, we do it for free.

Here’s How We Do It

We have a team of dedicated education counsellors who were once in your shoes, so they have all the tips and tricks to provide you with first-hand advice.

Not sure if your application is up to par? Or how to set up your overseas bank account? We'll be there to guide you along every step of the way to help you make a smooth transition from applicant to a student.

Here are six core areas of your study-abroad preparation that we can help you with.

1: Deciding On Your Ideal Course, Country & University

Deciding on what to study in university, and where to study is a big deal. Taking that step forward towards determining your future path can be difficult.

And it’s not just for the academics. Want to join the sports team in college or pick up a new language? The university you choose matters too!

While you can start by checking out the IDP Course Finder, the process will go so much more smoothly with the help of one of our education counsellors.

2: Obtaining All Necessary Certifications & Proficiencies

You might have heard of the SATs - getting a good score on those is integral to gaining admission to a top university in the US.

But are you aware of BMAT, LSAT, and the range of tests you may need for a specific course? And let’s not get started on the language exams such as IELTS - the requirements vary between countries and universities!

Fret not, we’ll help you sort those out and give you tips on how best to prepare.

3: Making Your Application & Accepting the Offer

Have a bucket list of universities but have no idea on how to go about applying to them?

As university application season draws closer, many of your peers will be stressing to polish up their application essays and preparing for Skype interviews.

But you won’t have to. Having completed their successful applications a while ago, our education counsellors are in the best position to guide you through yours!

And when you receive your offer, we’ll make sure your offer acceptance goes through without a hitch.

4: Apply & Obtain Your Student Visa

From assembling the required documents to writing your Statement of Purpose (Yes, that's a thing!) to making the payment, there are many things to do before you finally receive your visa in the mail!

5: Understanding Your Destination’s Culture, People, and Customs

Should you maintain eye contact with people you meet in your host country? Even if some of these customs are Google-able, trawling through countless websites can be a hassle.

You'll have to deal with new cultural norms and customs. Navigating social interaction in a foreign country can be challenging!

Our education counsellors will be glad to fill you in with the details and give you tips when it comes to fitting in with the locals and blending in.

6: Handling Your Finances & Accommodation

Don’t wait till you get there to set up your bank account and find a place to live! What with the shortage of student accommodation in some cities, you might be stranded, worst-case scenario (just kidding!).

Your IDP counsellor can help you set up your bank account three months before you leave, so all the things you are used to are in place by the time you arrive.

From online banking to a debit card, to student discounts, get ready for all these perks!

And for accommodation, we’ll help you secure a place that strikes your fancy way before departure.

Maximise Your Chances For Success With IDP

If you’ve made up your mind to study overseas, it’s time to go all the way to make sure it works out perfectly.

We are sure you could do it by yourself, but studying abroad is so much more comfortable with someone experienced guiding you along every step of the way to prevent any missteps.

Our IDP counsellors will go through every detail of the application process with you to maximise your chances of getting into your dream university. And then, we’ll sort the rest of the preparation out with you too.

Maximise your chances for the best possible study abroad journey by booking a session with our IDP counsellors today!

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