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My Study Abroad Journey: MEN Mana

This September I will be pursuing a Master of Public Policy at University of Warwick in United Kingdom under Chevening Scholarships 2019-2020. As a policy analyst, I am constantly bombarded with various public problems. Some problems have solutions while some do not. Therefore, exposing myself to UK education will allow me to broaden my perspective, interact with students from different experiences and world-renowned professors and experts while come up with innovative solutions to cope with public problems in Cambodia context.

But, why do I choose UK for my higher education? If you ask me anywhere in the world, it would be the UK as it is a center of an elite academic system. UK universities consistently rank highest in global university ranking as many have world-leading reputations for teaching and research. In addition, UK has rich and interesting history. It will be fantastic for me to explore some of its histories and cultural heritages along with diversity of the UK and I am profoundly impressed and motivated by how the UK has evolved to what it is today. Finally, UK is known for its good governance and I am impressed by how democratic and inclusive the country really is. For instance, I usually go to YouTube and watch the debates on certain public policy issues conducted by the House of Commons at Westminster Abbey. It is very interesting to see how the people who are in power are questioned by their counterparts; and how the system of check and balance works.

Regarding university application, I can say that without the support from IDP my journey would not have been this smooth. Out of many prestigious universities, I had difficultly identifying the one that not only matches my needs, but also has good reputation. Moreover, I did not know what criteria and documents required by the university. Additionally, since this is my first time studying abroad, I need to be mentally prepared for all the unexpected changes about to come. Thanks to IDP, I have been selected to study in one of the top ten universities in the UK, coupling with smooth application and immigration/visa processes, and fully ready and prepared to embark on my next academic journey.

For future students who wish further their study in the UK or anywhere else, I strongly recommend them to check out IDP. They have a team of skilled counselors who know what they are doing ranging from choosing universities that tailored my preferences, working with universities to update my application, and providing general advices on how to successfully study overseas. I am deep satisfied, and I do not think I could have found a better service and more supportive counselors.

-MEN Mana

Master of Public Policy

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

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