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This ONE Reason Will Convince You To Study In Canada

If you ask us, Canada has it all. From the gorgeous nature to a lively cultural life to high academic rankings, Canada has all the traits of an ideal study destination. 

That’s why it is the most popular destination among international students, as an ISAS poll found.


Why Study in Canada?

If you are still wavering in your decision to study abroad in Canada, here’s the one reason that will convince you:

Canada’s higher education system is world-class, hands down. The country is home to prestigious universities with high graduate employability, excellent academics, and high research impact.

In fact, according to the Times Higher Education rankings, 27 universities in Canada count among the world’s best! 

To give you a better idea, here are the five top Canadian universities:


Best Canadian Universities

Canada’s universities offer a similar style of teaching as the United States wherein the professors act like guides to help students become independent learners.

#1: University of Toronto

Topping that list, we have the University of Toronto (which has 10 Nobel laureates among its alumni!) ranked 21st in the world.

Located in Toronto, the historical university is the oldest in Canada and has seven colleges. While UoT offers over 700 programmes, the most recognised programmes are Philosophy (13th in the world), Life Sciences and Medicine(11th) and Anatomy & Physiology (8th).

If you are a sports fan, the university has a strong football and ice hockey team! 

#2: University of British Columbia

Ranked 37th in the world, the University of British Columbia is strong in both research and the performing arts. Recently, it was also named the most international university in North America!

The university offers a myriad of courses from Law to the Performing Arts. It’s best programs are Imagining Science and Photographic Technology(7th in the world), Biology Conservation (8th) and Evolutionary Biology(8th).


#3: McGill University

McGill University founded Canada’s first faculty of medicine and continues to offer clinical programs of high quality. Ranked 44th in the world, it has a diverse student population and is a founding member of Universitas 21.
McGill University has been Canada’s top medical-doctoral university for 13 years. Their most popular programs are Medicine and Life Sciences.

#4: McMaster University

Located in Ontario, McMaster University is ranked 77th in the world. With a focus on medicine, it not only has a world-renowned medical school but is also a leader in Stem Cell and Cancer Research.
Apart from clinical programs, you can take up courses ranging from computer science to business and economics.

#5: University of Montreal

With a quarter of its student population being international, the University of Montreal (ranked 90th in the world) has a lively and diverse student life. 
It is also the top francophone university in Canada! With over 600 programs, you have the choice of anything from Computer Science to Life Sciences.
If academic rankings and high-quality education aren’t enough to sway you, here are four other amazing reasons why studying in Canada is so fulfilling.

Four Other Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad In Canada

Affordable Cost of Living and Tuition

Study abroad is amazing, but it can be expensive. In Canada, you can get a high-quality education at a reputable institution for much less than in the United Kingdom and USA. 

On average, international students pay US$20,600 for tuition yearly in Canada. In the US, students pay an average of US$26,250 in state colleges and US$35,830 at private colleges. In the UK, tuition fees for international students can be anything between US$14,130 to US$53,700.

The cost of living is also cheaper in Canada. While you could get by with around US$7,570 a year in Canada, you would need US$16,950 in the UK.

Opportunities to Immigrate to Canada

After graduating from a Canadian university, it is much easier to get a work permit and eventually permanent residency,

If you want to work in Canada post-graduation, you can apply under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.

Otherwise, you can apply for PR through Express Entry under the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, or the Provincial Nominee Program.

Ability to Work and Study

Want to cover your expenses and gain experience? In Canada, you can take up internships and part-time jobs with just a study permit.

You can work up to 20 hours a week during school terms and up to 30 hours during breaks like summer vacation.

Safety and Stability

With a Global Peace Index of 1.327, Canada is the 6th most peaceful country in 2019. With a low crime rate and political stability, you will be able to make the most of your time in Canada with a peace of mind. 

Canada is a multicultural country with immigrants making up 20% of their population. As an international student, you will feel welcome in the Canadian community!

Take a Step Forward towards Your Future

In Canada, there is no language barrier. From the campus to the supermarket, you will be able to converse in English easily.
Studying abroad in Canada gives you access to top-tier education that will hone your academic skills and develop you as an individual.
If you’re looking to kick-start your jounrey, IDP can help smoothen the process by guiding you through every step of the way, from selecting your course to applying for a study visa.


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