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Why Studying English Abroad Could Be Your Best Decision In Life

If you want to gain an advantage in your future endeavours, increasing your English proficiency is your best bet! As the most spoken language in the world, English helps you to become a global citizen and connect with people of myriad nationalities.

Plus, studying English abroad in an English-speaking country is an effective way to help you master the language - apart from enabling you to experience a different culture and way of life. 
Why You Should Study English Abroad
Studying English abroad allows you to enjoy a host of benefits in your career, education, and self-development.

For example, doing an ELICOS programme in Australia is a great option. You will not only be more familiarised with the culture but also gain access to high-quality ESL (English as a Second Language) learning.
If you want to learn English effectively, you will want to get the best possible quality of ESL education.

Australia is known for its excellent education system which attracts hundreds of thousands of international students each year.

In most countries, ESL education is mostly unregulated. However, with ELICOS, you can be sure that you are getting the best as the Australian government regulates the English teaching industry.
What’s more, ELICOS streamlines your admission to higher education institutions in Australia! Of course, there are other benefits to mastering English overseas.
 #1 Immersive learning accelerates your mastery of English
If your plan to study English involves going to class once a week and setting aside some time for revision, you are not going to see results fast.
All-day exposure to the English language is the quickest path to becoming fluent. Whether you are ordering coffee or connecting with new friends, there’s no escaping the language.
By stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out all that you have learnt in class, you will be able to grasp the English language in a shorter amount of time. After all, even having a leisurely conversation while lounging on the beach counts towards improving your English proficiency!
#2 Allows you to discover a new city/country

Studying English abroad is the best time to discover a new place and do all the things on your travel bucket list. Whether you have just a week or an entire season to spare, the ELICOS programme in Australia has something for you.

From small group tuition to vocational educational centre and programmes which range from 5 weeks to 20 weeks, you have the flexibility to choose whatever suits you best.

Take this chance to discover the intriguing cities of Australia and revel in new experiences. What’s more, opting for ELICOS’ 20-week programmes will give you more time to explore the country and interact with the local communities.

#3 Gives you an edge in your career and education

Studying abroad makes you a more dynamic individual and gives you an undeniable advantage in your career and education.

According to the QS Global Employer Survey Report, 60% of employers prefer students with international experience. In addition to your new-found fluency in English, your global exposure gives you a leg up over others.


#4: Become familiar with slangs and other nuances

Have you ever felt clueless about what somebody is saying even though you were sure they were speaking English?

Slangs and unique expressions are integral to communication. However, they are immensely difficult to pick up if you stick to learning the language in your home country (unless you embark on an intensive Google research).

Studying English abroad allows you to immerse in the culture and pick up these elusive nuances organically and within a shorter time frame.


#5 Gain new perspectives by meeting people from all walks of life

As you study English with classmates of different ages and from all over the world, you get to make new connections and gain new perspectives.
If you were ever curious whether the media has represented the cultures of different countries accurately, here’s the chance to pick your classmates’ brains and find out for real.
Open Doors to New Opportunities by Studying English Abroad
Studying English abroad is a fun and effective way to achieve proficiency and reap the multitude of benefits in your further studies, career, and personal development.
Ready to expand your horizons?
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