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Study now, fly later: Why online learning will benefit international students during this pandemic

Hi! I’m Tomech Tith and currently I’m studying for a bachelor’s degree at Griffith University in Brisbane. Since I first arrived in Australia, I have improved my English language and other soft skills dramatically, skills which are essential for international students living abroad and far from their friends and family. 


I thought my life in Cambodia was great until I arrived in Australia, and started enjoying a whole new experience living here in Brisbane. I have made lots of new friends among the international and local student communities, which is a fantastic way to appreciate different cultures and exchange information about our diverse backgrounds. We often help each other to understand difficult topics in our lessons, as well as share life experiences and hang out to relax and take a break from studying. My cooking skills have also improved quite a lot compared to when I was in Cambodia!
Even though I have improved a lot and learnt many new skills, there are also quite a few challenges that I have had to overcome and others I am still learning to deal with. As a non-native English speaker, trying to understand the lectures has been one of the biggest challenges in my first trimester at university. In different subject areas the English language is used differently and the local variety, Australian English, is slightly different to British and American English which confused me a little when I first came here. However, as time has passed, I have now adapted to Australian English and all its nuances. 
I always thought the application process to study abroad would be quite hard, which is why I chose IDP Education to help me. IDP has many years of experience in student placement services around the globe and the staff know exactly how to assist applicants, to get them into their favourite university and improve their chances of a successful visa application. They are also very helpful and friendly, and make sure you understand each step of the application process clearly. Even after I arrived in Australia, my counsellor kept in touch with me to make sure they could assist with any urgent requests. 
-Tomech TITH
Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry, Griffith University

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