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Course Advice

Choosing your course is an important decision as it can lead you to the career path of your dreams. Therefore, you need to make careful considerations to ensure that you are making the right choice. Your IDP counsellor can help you find the best course and coordinate your university application.

IDP Education counsellors personalise their course advice based on your background and preferences. We also use a sophisticated knowledge matching system that contains all the latest information on our partner institutions, including schools, English language colleges, vocational colleges and universities.

These are the major factors IDP counsellors consider during course consultations:

Subject matter

The first step to finding the best course for you is listing down information about your educational background, experiences and interests. From this, your IDP counsellor will work with you to come up with a shortlist of courses and programs that match your details. You will go through this together until the list is narrowed down to just a couple of choices. 

Timelines and budgets

Your IDP counsellor will give you an idea about how much a course will cost you. You must be transparent on how much you can afford to spend on your education so that your counsellor can consider this when advising you. Your IDP counsellor will also give you practical advice on how you can save or which cities to study in if your budget is limited.

Your career goals

Your chosen course should put you on a path to a profession you’ll love. As international education experts with knowledge on global education trends, your IDP counsellor can give you advice on the course that can get you where you want to be.

Course experience and campus life

Students have different preferences. Some might like to study in a lively city campus while some might prefer a smaller, provincial location. This is why the environment and social culture of a university are important as they can determine how satisfied and happy you’ll be during your studies. 

See us to discuss your study options and get instant assistance.

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