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Human geography focuses on how humans interact with their surroundings. Studying human geography allows you to delve deeper into the human relationship with the earth and make a meaningful contribution to geography and its allied fields.

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6% increase in job opportunities is expected 2016-2026


Median annual wage for geographers

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75% of geographers get professional-level jobs within 15 months of graduation


Average annual income of top geographers

Human Geography is divided into three categories: people, communities and landscapes. Human geography studies the human environment. Everything ranging from a house to a metropolis, as well as its connected infrastructures such as roads, rail and canals, are features of the human environment.

Human geographers also study historical geographic patterns and processes. It looks at human communities and how they evolved, their culture, economy, and politics, all in the context of their surroundings. Themes like transportation, human populations, settlements, economics, recreation, tourism, social and cultural traditions are explored in-depth.
If you want to learn about diverse cultures, experiences and patterns in human civilisation, this is the field for you. Geographers typically work standard business hours but are often required to conduct fieldwork which may require travel to remote locations or foreign destinations. If you love connecting dots to draw relationships between phenomena, then this field of study is a good pick for you.
Different universities in the UK, US and Australia are offering Bachelors of Arts in Human Geography. It is a 4-year degree and its average cost is around AUD 32000 per year. Macquarie University, University of Wollongong, University of Western Australia and the University of New England are some of the universities offering Bachelors of Arts in Human Geography in Australia. You also have the option to pursue a master's degree in human geography which will cost around AUD 38,000 to 45,000 per year. The master’s program typically is 1-2 years long.
The impact of human activity on the environment is a topic of growing importance, especially in the field of human geography. A degree in human geography can help you become a better-informed citizen, who can understand the important issues facing our communities, and are better prepared to contribute to their solution.

The average growth rate for all human geography occupations is expected to be around 6% annually between 2016 and 2026 with job opportunities in the land development, planning, preservation, ecology, transport and tourism sectors. The skills acquired during a degree program are highly transferable to other career paths like law, finance and economic development.
Graduates are well-positioned to pursue exciting careers. Areas of high demand include urban planning, community development, regional development, transport planning and population planning. Employers include local and national governments, planning agencies, environmental consultancies and non-governmental organizations.

Commercial/residential surveyor

The main job of a Commercial/Residential Surveyor is to deal with the different aspects of commercial as well as residential property in both the private and public sectors. Their jobs include the buying, selling and management of land and property. They also evaluate and survey the property.

Environmental consultant

Environmental consultants provide analysis and insight into different environmental concerns. They also advise on issues related to sustainability and energy efficiency among others.

Geographical information systems officer

GIS officers are responsible for designing developing and customizing GIS systems. They also provide technical and analytical support for different issues like environmental management, asset management, land ownership and titles, exploration and mining, regional and urban planning and utilities.

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