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UC International College (UCIC)

New Zealand


UC International College (UCIC) is located in Christchurch, New Zealand and offers a range of courses which, upon completion, provide a direct pathway to enrolment at the University of Canterbury (UC). UC is New Zealand's second oldest university and ranks in the top one per cent of universities worldwide, with a 150-year heritage of delivering world-class education. Graduation from UCIC guarantees entry into undergraduate degree programmes at UC.

UCIC is located on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. In close proximity to both the sea and the mountains, residents of the city are well located to explore the area's many landscapes, with great views and untamed natural beauty. Glaciers, beaches and cloud forests are discoverable nearby, and New Zealand has a culture of outdoor recreational activities to get involved with. It is one of the few places in the world where you can ski and surf in the same day.

Christchurch is the largest settlement on the South Island. Vibrant and dynamic, it offers a varied and contemporary experience of living in New Zealand, with many restaurants, bars, museums and a lively music scene. This ‘Garden City' has a developed network of public parks and botanical gardens and is well known for its film and cinema culture. Christchurch is a diverse and modern city, and new students at UCIC join a learning community of students comprised of over 100 nationalities.

Located on the main campus at UC, students benefit from shared use of all the UC facilities, including sports facilities, access to study resources and can even join university clubs and societies. The UCIC programmes deliver a unique and supportive environment which ensures a smooth transition to University of Canterbury degree.

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What's new

What's new

New Zealand is a progressive, forward-thinking country and has perhaps demonstrated the most successful response to Covid-19 in the world. In fact, the New Zealand government announced full border reopening from August 1st, 2022. UCIC delivers all programmes face to face but offers online study options as well.

University facilities are open as usual, with no need for social distancing in virus-free New Zealand. Clear and concise information about many aspects of the response plan is available online through the university's website, with daily updates and support contact information provided. The university and its staff aim to be as responsive to their students' needs as possible.

Demonstrating this mentality in a wider context, UC runs a number of studies and initiatives which assess the impact which New Zealand is having on its immediate environment, and the world. The university's College of Science has recently published several articles which examine the role which New Zealand plays in contributing toward climate change, in terms of its policy on sustainable ocean management, and the future of human habitation.

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Department structure

Department structure

UCIC Programmes will allow students to progress to the first or second year of their UC undergraduate degree. Students will study eight carefully selected modules, completed over the course of two or three semesters. The UCIC programmes include a combination of core and elective courses, which will depend on the student's intended program of study at the university. There are five academic departments at UC:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • UC Business School
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Heath

Each college has developed its own approach towards study and research, and there are study programmes provided at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels, as well as short courses designed to engage with the university's network of alumni and professional contacts.

UCIC students will also develop their English language skills and study methods, to prepare for entry to one of over 150+ subject areas available at UC. Students also develop a lot of transferable skills that will benefit them at university and throughout their career, such as critical thinking, communication, leadership, presentation skills and project management.

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Fees & funding

Fees & funding

Tuition fees for all UCIC Programmes for the 2022 academic year are available on the website, which covers the full programme fees. There is an annual student services levy of NZD 892.80 and students must organise their own medical and travel insurance. To secure a student visa, tuition fees must be paid to UCIC in full before the programme of study begins. Online students are also required to pay full tuition fee amount however, 15 percent GST will be exempted.

UCIC provides a 20 percent Early Bird discount for both in person and online students who would enrol to 2022 Trimester 3 and 2023 Trimester 1 students. Students need to accept their offers and pay their fees before the cut off dates: August 26th, 2022, for Trimester 3 and December 16th, 2022 for Trimester 1.

Each year, UC provides over NZD 20 million in scholarships and prizes to help fund student education. There are many grounds for eligibility, including merit-based factors like academic excellence or sporting achievement, as well as other scholarships with an emphasis on social inclusion and equality, which are awarded on the basis of financial hardship. There is also a Navitas family bursary programme to support students with family commitments.

UCIC students are eligible to apply for many of the UC scholarships, and a full list of options and eligibility criteria is available on the university website. Applications are submitted online.

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With a heritage as an educational provider for 150 years, UC offers a unique learning environment for its population of over 20,000 students. UCIC is located on the University of Canterbury's beautiful Ilam campus, one of the largest campuses in New Zealand in terms of land size.

It is a residential campus with over 2,000 students living in the UC Halls of Residence, Ilam Apartments. These secure and well-designed apartments are situated in a beautifully landscaped corner of the university and offer a range of accommodation options to suit the 800 residents. The rooms are self-catered and have high speed internet throughout, and shared kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. Just a five-minute walk from lecture halls and other campus amenities, the Ilam Apartments host a diverse and welcoming community of students from all backgrounds and from all over the world.

UCIC students benefit from sharing all the same resources and facilities as their UC counterparts. These include social amenities such as bars, music venues and food and drinks vendors as well as the university's state-of-the-art sports and fitness facilities. UC has a modern and fully equipped library with thousands of books, journals, and digital resources available to all students. UCIC students may also join any of the 160 student clubs and societies, enabling them to immerse fully in the UC student community and get the most out of their university experience.

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Student support

Student support

Exceptional support and pastoral care are available at UCIC to assist students throughout their academic journey. This ranges from course related support to personal care. Services include:

  • Academic support – Students are supported in academic areas such as time management, essay writing, research skills, critical thinking, and referencing.
  • Disability support – Special services assistance including practical support (e.g. interpreters, notetakers), assistive technology (e.g. screen reading), information access in alternative format (electronic braille), and special arrangement for exams (e.g. exam time) are available to provide equal treatment to students.
  • Health and Wellbeing service – counsellors and mental health advisers support students with any personal issues or concerns.
  • English language support – international students can receive extra help with their language abilities.
  • Medical centre – there is an on-campus clinic, available during term times.
  • Financial support – students can access help and advice with managing their money and funding, including applying for grants and bursaries.

UCIC has a dedicated international student support team, who run orientation programmes helping students to socialise, settle into their surroundings and feel part of the UC community. The team remains on hand to support students throughout their studies, providing personal consultation sessions and help with language support and social inclusion.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

Students who successfully complete their UCIC programme are guaranteed entry to a huge selection of degree programs at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch. UC is ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide and is recognised as a world class educational provider. UCIC students enjoy access to UC's extensive career support service. This includes their dedicated online careers portal, a mentoring scheme, CV writing support, organised careers workshops and events.

During the UCIC programmes and subsequent degree courses, students enhance their employability. They build skillsets and gain critical experience that will help them while looking for graduate employment. Skills learned include presentation, planning, leadership and teamwork experience, and problem-solving skills. A UC degree is an internationally recognised qualification, allowing graduates to work both domestically and abroad, and is a huge asset in finding internships, work experience and employment opportunities.

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