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Computer Science In Canada

Course Overview 


Computer Science is a relatively a new field of study that covers a broad range of topics and options. A professional degree in the field of Computer Science in Canada prepares students for careers in a host of computer related careers while at the same time providing a solid foundation in related science and mathematical principles. Computer science programs share a close relation with network administration, telecommunication, Internet, computer engineering, e-commerce, information systems, robotics, and general technology programs. Students can pursue a diploma, post graduate diploma, undergraduate degree and masters in Computer Science at the Canadian institutions.

List of  Computer Science courses

Advantages of pursuing a degree in Computer Science in Canada

Canada boasts of a seamless education system, and pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the Canadian institutions offer the following advantages to students: -

  • An internationally recognized degree
  • It is relatively easy to acquire a student visa and admission at the Canadian institutions.
  • There is a great variation in the types of programs that are offered by the Canadian institutions in the field of Computer Science.
  • Programs at the Canadian institutions offer a rigorous theoretical background for students to understand the subjects better.
  • Close attention is paid to the rapidly changing industrial requirements while teaching the students.
  • Because of its real world applications, Computer Science is combined with other disciplines as well. These include mathematics, statistics, business, engineering, health sciences, etc.

Career Opportunities

Today, computers have become an integral part of all organizations and sectors of the economy, and hence, the employment opportunities for computer science professionals are high. Some of the many areas where computer science professionals can make a career include forensic science, security systems development, technical writing, banking, medical applications such as bio-informatics and tomography, business equipment, game design, computer aided design (CAD) and GIS systems.

Admission Requirements for Computer Science in Canada

Though, different educational institutions in Canada demand different eligibility criteria, below mentioned are the basic admission requirements asked by institutions for admission in Computer Science in Canada:-

For Diploma courses

  1. completion of higher secondary school (except institutions in Ontario and Quebec)
  2. school mark sheets and other documents as mentioned by institution on its website/brochure
  3. a good IELTS / TOEFL score

For Undergraduate courses

  1. Minimum of 12 years of formal education (except institutions in Ontario and Quebec)
  2. School mark sheets and other documents as mentioned by institution on its website/brochure
  3. A good IELTS / TOEFL score

List of Undergraduate Computer Science Courses

For Post Graduate Diploma / Master’s courses

  1. A relevant undergraduate degree from a recognized institution equivalent to a Canadian diploma / under graduate degree
  2. certificate in the field of computer science
  3. Work experience (as needed by some institutions)
  4. A good IELTS / TOEFL score

List of Post Graduate Computer Science Courses 


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