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Jobs in Demand for International Grads in Canada


The world knows Canada as a safe and welcoming country. It’s a place with a clean environment, a vibrant culture, and home to some of the best universities in the world. In other words, Canada is a great place to travel and an excellent place to study. But did you know there’s another major bonus to making Canada the destination? It’s a great place to work! And if you’re an international student, you are in luck. In Canada, students from overseas can work here both during and after their studies. 

International students typically set themselves up for work in three main ways – through a Study Permit, the Post Grad Work Permit, and the Canadian Experience Class Visa. A full-time Canadian Study Permit at university will allow students to work part-time during classes and full-time during breaks. After graduation, students can take advantage of the Post Graduate Work Permit, the “PGWP”. PGWPs allow grads a work permit for up to three years after they finish school. Following that, many decide to continue working in Canada for the long term. The Canadian Experience Class permanent residency visa allows you to do this. So, not only do international students graduate with an amazing experience and top-quality university education, but they’re also in a position to do everything from short-term jobs or lifelong careers. 

So what kind of work is out there for international students after graduation? What jobs are in demand? What are the best paying jobs? What jobs are good for immigrants, in other words, students who decide to stay in Canada? And about finding jobs – what are the best job sites to search?

Tips on getting a job

If you’re already here, or just in the planning stages, there’re some things you should do. This preparation will help you get the job you want. Firstly, you need to demonstrate strong language skills. A high IELTS rating, a Canadian University diploma, and Canadian work experience are all excellent ways to do this. Secondly, aim for the job you want in the future. Setting your long-term goals will help you focus on the jobs and education you need to build your resume. Third, network. Many of the best jobs are never advertised. They are passed on by word-of-mouth. Going to conferences, job fairs, volunteering, and networking events are excellent ways to meet people who can open the right doors. 

Highest paying jobs in Canada

Let’s be honest; life is better with a high salary. When planning for the future, it’s important to look for jobs that pay well. In Canada, some fields pay much more than others. If you’re looking for the most money, you’ll want to look at the medical field first. According to Workopolis (2019), Specialist Physicians, Dentists, and Family Doctors can all easily make hundreds of thousands per year. The legal professionals also do very well with Lawyers and Judges also making six-figure salaries. Businesswise, you can earn top dollars being a risk management specialist, or a senior manager in construction. Managers in public utilities, and in transportation also can earn quite a bit. These salaries might be as much as $150,000 if you are at the top of your game. Aside from that, Engineers, Pilots, and Oil & Gas Experts are also known to earn significantly more than the average Canadian.

Best job sites in Canada

There are dozens of websites that claim to be “The Best” for job hunters in Canada. However, you should do your homework before you start your search. Many professional fields have their own specific search engines or job posting boards. Be sure you look into this. Other organizations will post their jobs on social media for professionals, like Linkedin. The most common websites with large employment databases are Indeed, Monster, Careerbuilder, and Glassdoor. Newer to the group, and getting good reviews, is Google for Jobs.

Most in-demand jobs in Canada

Canada is a huge country. Different regions offer different jobs. However, according to the reputable Canadian Business Magazine, the highest jobs in demand are in health care and in STEM. Health Care jobs in nursing, dentistry, and physiotherapies offer lots of opportunities and good salaries. The STEM jobs (Science Technology Engineering Math) are also a smart choice for the future. Engineering specialists, telecommunications managers, and conservation officers are smart futures to aim for with lots of hiring. Aside from healthcare and STEM jobs, there are lots of opportunities for other work as well. Mining, occupational therapy, construction inspection, and school counselling are just a few of the other growth areas that show bright futures.

So there you have it. With the right aim and the right resume, there are some amazing employment opportunities in Canada. Best of luck with the job search!

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