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IDP Canada News Bytes

We look forward to sharing news and notes about topics ranging from new client announcements and industry events to exciting research and opinion pieces on international education. Check back every few weeks, with a cup of coffee in hand, and spend some time reading about the goings on with IDP Canada and the global IDP network!

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On March 19, 2019, Simon Emmett, CEO IDP Connect sent out the following email to announce the launch of IDP Connect to all IDP partner institutions in Canada. 

While the arrival of IDP Connect has no immediate implication on the ways we work together, please do not hesitate to contact the Canada Partner Relations team with your questions.

We love working with our partners, and it's always nice to hear that they like us back just as much.


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Dear Colleague,

This morning we launched IDP Connect – the new brand uniting the IDP and Hotcourses client-facing teams, focused on delivering exceptional service for our institutional recruiting partners.

I would like to provide you with an explanation of what IDP Connect is and what it means for you and your institution.

What is IDP Connect? 

As the B2B arm of IDP, IDP Connect is the new name for our team who will work with you to help achieve your marketing and recruitment goals.

Practically speaking, IDP Connect is the merging of IDP's Partner Relations team with the Hotcourses Client Services team to further establish ourselves as global leaders in student marketing and recruitment. This will enable our partner institutions to have even deeper access to in-market knowledge from 30+ countries and a trusted audience of 98 million visits from prospective students each year.

Why is IDP introducing IDP Connect? 

IDP and Hotcourses Group came together in 2017 as part of a broader strategy to build a global platform and connected community guiding students through their study and career journeys. Initially, IDP and Hotcourses Group worked collaboratively, but side by side, and now the time is right to combine the two teams under one brand and structure.

We sought feedback from our clients and acknowledged it was confusing having multiple contacts for similar products across the two teams. This initiative allows us to provide consistent, connected, and enhanced services for our clients.

By combining the IDP global reach with Hotcourses digital excellence, we are even-better positioned to help institutions achieve goals and connect with the right students through our combined data, insights, counsellors, and engaged student communities. 

What does this mean for you?

At the moment, there is no change to how you engage with your contacts at IDP or Hotcourses Group. Changes to our Canada team, and the services we provide, will not take place for several months – although the Hotcourses Group and IDP client-relations team name will change to IDP Connect with immediate effect.

The Canada IDP Connect team will include the same IDP and Hotcourses Group client managers who you know and trust. That said, we are also looking to expand our services and team. We will keep you updated with more details as this takes shape. 

What does this mean for Hotcourses Group and IDP brands? 

IDP Connect is a B2B brand only. There will be no change for any student-facing activities, websites or content across either IDP or Hotcourses Group. These brands and websites will continue to be student first in their approach, ensuring students have the information and guidance they need to make the right decisions about their future. For example, student-facing sites such as will not change as part of this B2B rebrand. For clients, however, the Hotcourses Group entity will be retired and be part of the IDP Connect brand.

Thank you for your support

We worked with a number of clients to help us develop and define this brand and to understand what solutions and services matter most. We are excited about IDP Connect and the shared opportunities ahead.

We will continue to innovate, working with students and institutions to develop better and more powerful data products, create digital solutions connecting students with institutions, and we will continue to provide world-leading student recruitment solutions.

IDP and Hotcourses are proud of the strong partnerships we have created over time, helping institutions and students unlock the life-changing benefits that come from international education.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Simon Emmett

CEO, IDP Connect & IDP Global Leadership Team Member

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