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Partner Testimonials

Find out why institutions enjoy working with IDP

Peer recommendations are so important to us as Canadian schools continue to adopt 3rd-party recruitment models at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, often for the first time.

We love working with our partners, and it's always nice to hear that they like us back just as much.

Algonquin College

"IDP is a long-standing partner of Algonquin College. A global company with a good business model and an efficient communication strategy that is helping us reach our international enrolment targets year after year. We have a strong relationship based on trust, regular contacts and joint initiatives. IDP India specifically is one of our top agents in terms of enrollment and conversion, but we visit and work with most of their offices around the world. The IDP Canada Client Relations Team plays a key role in the success of our relationship, and ultimately, our success in recruiting international students for our English and Academic programs."  

- Nadia Ramseier, Marketing Manager, Algonquin College

Cambrian College

"Cambrian College has witnessed an enviable growth of International Students in the past few years. As we plan the next 3-5 years, diversification of the international student community is very high on our agenda and mandate. IDP is one of our leading international student recruitment partners, who has the experience, the global presence, the collaborative spirit and the zeal to grow and support an increasing number of international students to meet their dream to study in Canada.

IDP has been Cambrian’s leading recruitment partner in India for over a decade, but for past two years, I have personally met their wonderful and talented teams in China, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Vietnam, Philippines and South Korea, and have been highly impressed with their customer service skills, knowledge and engagement, which has become a hallmark across all IDP offices worldwide.

I wish IDP well for the future! Keep up the great work!" 

- Anuraj Bajwa, Director International, Cambrian College

University Canada West

“The UCW International Recruitment team has been working with IDP since 2017. We have been thrilled with the partnership. IDP has not only delivered high-quality applicants from all around the world but also has provided extremely professional application services for all UCW applicants. Furthermore, we have received high-quality leads from all the IDP fairs we have participated in.

IDP is one of our top partners and we strongly recommend working with them.

UCW appreciates their efforts to support our recruitment strategy and we look forward to continuing our association with IDP.”

- Jefferson Lee, Director, Student Recruitment and Regional Development

Carleton University

"Carleton University has enjoyed an excellent international student recruitment partnership with IDP over the past 6 years. Throughout that time we have been impressed by IDP’s consistent hard work, dedication and student-focused approach, which aligns well with our own principles and practice. IDP’s Canadian team is highly professional and dedicated to supporting our efforts overseas, which has allowed us to expand our reach in key locations around the world. We have also found the regional offices to be highly engaged and willing to facilitate meaningful interactions with students that we may not have others met. I think one of IDPs defining characteristics is their caring and ethical approach to working with students, supported by their sound knowledge and understanding of the locations that they work in. Overall, IDP has been responsive to our needs while also providing market intelligence and in-country support based on our own unique objectives. We are very much looking forward to continuing to grow this partnership in the years ahead.."

- Rob Finlayson, Manager - Partnerships & Pathways

University of the Fraser Valley

“The University of the Fraser Valley evaluates its authorized recruitment partners on a number of key metrics. One of these is the conversion rate from applicant to arrival. In this area, IDP has truly shined and is one of the most reliable partners in our network.”

- David McGuire, Executive Director

Cape Breton University

"Cape Breton University began working with IDP in 2015 to recruit international students from multiple regions, and the success has been excellent. In every market, IDP consultants and staff are top-notch and extremely knowledgeable of local trends. The onboarding process with the IDP team in Canada was extremely helpful and has made international recruitment across many regions very smooth. CBU has seen continuous growth in student numbers each year with IDP, and the recruitment events that are held are invaluable. Any university interested in both growing and diversifying their international student body should absolutely consider working with IDP!"

- Brett MacLean, Senior International Recruiter

Acadia University

"As the International Enrolment Advisor for Acadia University, part of my portfolio includes managing our agent relationships. It is extremely important for our university to only work with the highest quality organizations and agencies as it is a direct reflection on us and our business practices. IDP provides consistency and accessibility that continues to allow us to be successful in our international student recruitment strategy year after year.

The IDP team in Canada has been absolutely fantastic to work with thus far. The team is both prompt and professional and it has allowed me to form better relationships with an increased number of offices globally.

I have participated in a combination of different events offered by IDP, and the most beneficial interactions for me are always the office visits. The teams have been so exceptional to work with in terms of arranging drop-ins and training sessions. Our IDP students have all been excellent and we find that there is a proper fit in terms of what we are offering and what the students are looking for.

[I would] without question or hesitation recommend working with IDP to other universities currently working with agents or looking to grow their international student enrollments."

- Liam Dutton, International Enrolment Advisor

University of Prince Edward Island

"UPEI has been working with IDP for a long time, and I started at UPEI in 2015. That's when I started working with IDP as well. I was in contact with the Toronto office in the beginning. The client manager in the Toronto Office would register fairs, schedule online trainings, schedule office visits for me. IDP Education Team in Canada has been wonderful to work with, very efficient and helpful. One time, the client manager reached out to me because the office in Mauritius requested a meeting with students, me, and a local IDP consultant. The Skype meeting went really well, and I kept in touch with these students. Three of them came to UPEI after about 5 months online chatting with me.

I have visited different IDP offices around the world, Mauritius, UAE, mainland China, and Taiwan. I also attended some educational fairs hosted by IDP. All the consultants that I met in different locations were all professional and friendly. They would invite students to come to talk to me when I visit their offices. They would reach out to me when students have questions or concerns.

I would recommend working with IDP because they are professional, effective, and easy to work with."

- Freya Qi, Student Recruiter & Advisor

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

“IDP has a strong international reputation which was a key factor in choosing IDP as a University Partner. They have successfully worked in a number of different markets and have expanded their network all over the world. Their geographic reach in different markets and in-country representations really compliments our University’s diversification efforts.

We have been attending IDP fairs from past few years and have really seen the team’s efforts in making the events successful. Their in-country presence brings local market intel which makes attending the events and fairs very successful. Their team takes a proactive approach towards keeping themselves up-to-date with university programs, policies and procedures through regular follow-ups with KPU. With the help of FAM tours, meetings and fairs in different markets leveraged by their strong network, IDP has really helped KPU to convert quality leads into students.”

- Tanya Sehgal & Sukhjot Pummar, International Recruitment & Admissions

OCAD University

"I think the greatest advantage of working with IDP has been the on-the-ground support in country, in particular as I explore new markets. The Canada Client Relations Team has provided me with research and insights on growing opportunities abroad, which has helped inform my international recruitment strategy. With upcoming trips to the UAE and India, the local teams have advised me in my decision making in these new markets, and it’s been so valuable to have local contacts that I know will be there for me not only as a professional network, but a safety net should I need anything while I am traveling alone.

I am put at ease when I have the opportunity to meet with their Destination Managers, as their hard work in understanding our niche programs and admissions criteria is obvious, and the ability to connect with high quality students on their home-turf has been so valuable.

IDP is so much more than just an educational agency – for me they are global partners in building a successful recruitment strategy."

- Casey Hinton, International Recruitment Officer

Dalhousie University

"We signed with IDP in October 2011 after being approached by the Account Manager to consider a partnership. Upon a deeper review of their services, there were three main reasons Dalhousie chose to enter into an agreement with IDP: their presence in the Indian market; it’s overall broad outreach in approximately 30 markets in total and the professionalism of its staff.

IDP has committed to working with Dalhousie in many capacities, including recruitment fairs, site visits, familiarisation tours and webinars all of which has helped them gain a deeper understanding of our institutional needs. They have improved and expanded our outreach in several countries including the U.A.E and most recently in Turkey and Egypt and we continue to look for ways to expand this reach even further. We would recommend IDP’s services to any institution looking to expand their reach to existing and new markets."

- Chris Vickers, Assistant Registrar, International Recruitment & Admissions

Carleton University

“IDP have been great partners in international graduate student recruitment. The staff at IDP Education Canada are extremely helpful in addressing any problems that may arise and take great care in understanding the needs and institutional processes specific to Carleton.

I would highly recommend IDP Education Canada as great partners in graduate student recruitment."

- Greg Auenback, Manager, Strategic Initiatives Office of the Vice-President (Students & Enrollment)

Fanshawe College

"IDP has been a strong partner of Fanshawe College in regions such as India and is expanding partnership with Fanshawe in regions which are new for Fanshawe like Bangladesh, Philippines, and Mauritius. The biggest strength of IDP is their team of individuals dedicated to promoting Canadian education. We can reach IDP business managers and counselors with tremendous ease and count on their expertise for making market decisions.

Staff at IDP offices across the world seem to enjoy their role and are full of positive attitude. I consider this very important as this translates into students who are happy with the IDP services and in turn Fanshawe. Having participated in scores of IDP events, I can say that they are always well organized, well attended and fairly priced. We look forward to continuing this positive and engaging relationship with IDP."

- Saurabh Malhotra, Manager, Internation Recruitment & Market Development (South Asian Africa and Middle East)

 Durham College

"Durham College has enjoyed a great business relationship with IDP for a number of years. As a reputable global player in the student recruitment area, Durham College reached out to IDP in order to collaborate in our efforts to recruit students internationally.

IDP has consistently provided Durham College with qualified applicants from many different regions around the world. One key aspect of the relationship with IDP has been the consistent professional interaction we have enjoyed with this agency and their representative offices around the world.

IDP is a key partner on our recruitment efforts and I highly recommend working with them. Their recruitment fairs, webinars, agent seminars and Fam tours have always provided excellent results towards Durham College internationalization efforts."

- Aldo Mendizabal, Manager, International Recruitment

Sheridan College

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the efforts done by IDP and I am keen to specify the Alexandria-Egypt office team.

To-date, IDP Alexandria Office has sent... the highest number of applications received amongst all IDP offices in the Middle East.

I would like to specify Nancy Mehanna & the team who have shown exceptional cooperation, coordination, scheduling, and exemplary communication and follow up with me and with potential applicants in Alexandria. During my visits to Alexandria, I have witnessed the excellent dynamics and professional yet friendly environment in the IDP office. Nancy and the team are well trusted and highly respected by parents and students.

Thank you for supporting this office and bringing them to such a high performing team.”

- Nagy Salib

Capilano University

"In Spring of 2017 IDP brought [colleagues] from about 10 offices to Capilano University. Our team was thrilled to share the beauty of our campus and share current program information and agent training to our visitors.

Capilano had also selected two students to share their Capilano University experience with the [visitors]. Both students had great pride regarding their success at Cap U, but one became even more excited as she realized the agency who sent her to Capilano was here in North Vancouver and in front of her. It was an honour to hear this student say how wonderful Capilano was. It was an equal honour to hear this student’s glowing remarks about IDP and the counselor who referred her to Capilano University."

- Donna Hooker, Director, Wong & Trainor Centre for International Experience

Thompson Rivers University

"Our association with IDP as a global recruiter for TRU goes back several years. We have constantly been impressed with their professional and transparent methods of operations, with their highly trained and skilled staff, and the focus they have on counselling and recruiting students of outstanding quality.

Within a short period, IDP grew to be one of our top recruiters globally and has consistently maintained high standards.

They are constantly innovating their operation methods and with their high pace of growth, adding several new branches around the world year on year, we are happy to note the addition of students from new origins constantly being added to our growing numbers on campus, adding to the multicultural environment and balance we strive to maintain through our recruiting strategies.

IDP has proven to be a consistent and reliable partner, one we are proud indeed to be associated with.”

- ZiPing Feng, Director, International Marketing, TRU World

Douglas College

"It was an absolute pleasure welcoming Rita and the IDP staff from India and Thailand to Douglas College!

Being able to show off our campus and connect the team with our students recruited from IDP was a great first step in strengthening our relationship.

As this was the first official Fam Tour to Douglas College, I have no doubt there will be many more in the future. Thank you to Prem, Rita and the whole IDP team for arranging this visit."

- Gareth Jones, Manager Interntional Marketing & Recruiting

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