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Study Game Development

Game Development could be the career path for you, allowing you to combine your creative and practical talents to develop captivating video games.

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The US will need 31,200 game developers in the next 10 years

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The average salary for game developers is USD$90,270 per year


The job market is expected to grow 9.3% by 2026


Game developers are in the top 3% for job satisfaction

The video game industry is worth billions of dollars, meaning Game Development has become a popular field of study all around the world. This also means it’s the perfect time for developers and designers to make their mark on the industry, collaborating to produce unique, best-selling games. From animation to audio engineering, Game Development encompasses a variety of specialisations.
To succeed in Game Development, you need to be driven by passion and grounded by industry knowledge. Game developers must collaborate with one another as well as other members of the team, and therefore be able to take constructive criticism and communicate effectively with others. You should also be committed to keeping up with the latest developments in technology like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI). The technical skills you’ll require will depend on the exact role you’re aiming for - some roles will require advanced programming skills while others necessitate an artistic streak.

Working in Game Development can offer a great deal of flexibility but may also require you to work overtime in order to launch your game on time.
To get into Game Development, you’ll need some post-secondary qualifications. This can be anything from a technical certificate to a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant area such as computer science, programming or game design. In the US, this can cost you around USD$20,000 a year while in Australia it might average AUD$40,000 a year.

Professional game developers also make sure to continuously upskill, taking on new programming languages or studying up-and-coming game engines.
The game industry is constantly evolving, meaning there will always be plenty of new skills to gain, specialisations to develop and opportunities to grasp. The industry is predicted to be worth USD$138 billion in 2021 and the US will need an additional 31,200 video game designers over the next ten years, so budding game developers and designers have a great outlook ahead of them. This demand also means salaries are likely to remain high - currently, senior game developers make an average of USD$110,000 a year!
The career pathways in Game Development can vary depending on your skillset (technical or creative) and the platform you choose to work with (such as mobiles, tablets, PlayStation, Xbox or PC).

Computer or Game Programmer

Computer or game programmers are responsible for designing, building and maintaining game systems and computer infrastructures, using their knowledge of coding to build and debug games, write instructions and apply updates according to user needs.

Game Designer

Game designers use their mastery of coding languages to develop characters, settings and rules for video games. They may also be responsible for pitching new game ideas and managing other members of the team such as artists, animators, audio engineers d programmers. Finally, game designers will also need to carry out quality testing on games before their release.

Application Developer

If you’re more of a mobile gamer, a career as an app developer could be perfect for you. In this role, you’ll be responsible for coding mobile applications, designing prototypes, testing source codes and troubleshooting existing mobile games.

Systems Designer

Got a more technical mindset? You could become a systems designer while still working on video games! Systems designers create the software systems that power video games, analysing the scope and design of a game in the early stages of development to then set up a platform that will bring out the best in the game. They’ll also ensure that rapid gameplay can be supported.

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