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  • Answered by

    The University of Waikato

    What is the cost of living in New Zealand for international students?
  • Answered by

    Leeds Beckett University

    Can international students stay in the UK after graduation?
  • Answered by

    Victoria University

    As an international student, can I study part-time in Australia?
  • Answered by

    Anglia Ruskin University

    How many hours can I work while studying in the UK?
  • Answered by

    IDP Education

    How do I find out about upcoming IELTS test dates?
  • Answered by

    The University of Western Australia

    Can international students stay in Australia after graduation?
  • Answered by

    Clark University

    Why should international students choose the USA to study abroad?
  • Answered by

    MacEwan University (Canada)

    What should international students pack and bring with them to Canada?
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International education experts

Haley Hollandsworth, Studying in Australia

"I cannot recommend the IDP team highly enough. They took the time to find the best study option for me and work through all my needs and concerns."

R Gautham Srinivas, Studying in USA

"When I decided to pursue my MS in USA, I was unsure about the route I should adopt to reach my desired destination. IDP gave me support and help at every step of the way."

Ankur Gupta, Studying in New Zealand

"I am really delighted and overwhelmed with the help and guidance that has been provided to me. From course and university selection to financial documents and pre-departure sessions. IDP help you with it all."


Tools and resources

Steps to study overseas

Looking for the right place to study internationally? We’ll help find the best course for you. Here’s what you’ll need to do, from research to arrival.

Tips for study visas and immigration

Make sure you apply for the correct visa. We’ll guide you through the latest information on student visa requirements.

Scholarships for international students

There are many types of scholarships for international students that will help with your university costs. We’ll help you apply for them.

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