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Khanh Dan

Student of Human Resources and Project management at Deakin University. Loves listening to and observing people and life in Australia.

How to cope with quarantine life like a pro

COVID-19 has put a stop to all the wonderful outdoor events we are used to, including getting together and travelling with friends and family. 

This situation is significantly difficult for those of you who are very energetic, sociable and active. But for a couch potato like me, it’s just another normal day, and if you are struggling to cope up with the new lifestyle, here’s some advice: 

1. Wake yourself up

Since you do not have to go anywhere tomorrow, naturally, you would not go to bed early and probably would spend time playing games or watching Netflix.  

Alarmy is a tool that is the best substitute for your mother’s wake-up call when you are away from home. 

This app is most suitable for the heavy sleepers, because you will have to take a picture of your bathroom or solve some math problems to turn off the alarm. Once you wake up to take some pictures or try to solve some math problems, you would not be able to get back to sleep. 

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2. Study together

Online classes can be extremely boring if you are doing things on your own, like studying or listening to lectures. When you are at school or university, you can easily talk to your friends or professors, but when you are at home and take up online classes, it may feel like you are watching a TED talk. 

The perfect solution for this is to make a video call with your friends (it would be best if all of you are in the same class) and study together which will help you discuss and understand concepts better. 

3. Watch others work and motivate yourself 

When you have plenty of leisure time, you may tend to delay your work and things just would not go as you had planned before. You may also want to enjoy your free time as best as you can to offset the busy learning period and not become lazy.

You can prevent yourself from losing control of your routine by watching videos of people working hard at what they love to do, like cooking or playing music. You could watch some motivational videos using Tiktok or Youtube to get you started on that assignment which needs your attention.

cope up with quarantine life-body2.jpg

4. Relax and do what you love

If staying at home for a long time makes you feel stressed or any other negative emotion, you can find comfort in the things you love and enjoy.

If you are a book lover, the magical and thrilling experience that novels create would be your best support during COVID-19.

You can also try your hand at gaming by setting up a game night with your friends on Skype and have fun with each other. It would also be fun to watch movies together through Skype - simply choose a movie and share your screen to enjoy it with your friends.

You can also choose to learn how to cook some new dishes or make some sweets to treat yourself, or spend some time working out indoors. Also, take the time to reconnect with all of your friends and family back at home and share your stories about your life abroad.

Living in quarantine is hard, but if you know how to make yourself happy staying at home, this period can be really positive and relaxing.

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