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Good vibes (for bad days) – Nalisha’s story 

Photographer and LaTrobe University student Nalisha shares his experience developing his creativity during lockdown while balancing his Master of Teaching degree.  

What are you studying?

I am studying a Masters of Teaching (Secondary) at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. 

How are you finding student life during COVID-19?  

Student life during COVID-19 has been quite interesting! One of the positives I have gained from this situation is I have forced myself to step out of my comfort zone as a digital creator.  

As a photographer, I have found myself exploring new creative ideas and putting myself in front of the camera more with self-portrait shoots.  

Since my degree was an online Masters course from the beginning, not much has changed for me in terms of managing my workload through online interactions. 

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What are you struggling with the most? 

Sometimes I find myself challenged in staying motivated with my daily tasks or university work. Usually during these instances, I would enjoy spending time with my friends or going on adventures to shoot content as a break from the uni work.  

Given the current conditions with travel restrictions, this has challenged me in finding ways to stay motivated within my household. 

What are your top tips for staying happy and positive, and looking after your mental health? 

Some of my tips to stay positive during this time would be to create a schedule that can be on a daily or weekly basis, basically something that works for you.  

By including breaks during study time and including some fitness activities within the house will help you maintain focus and stay positive. Apart from that I FaceTime my friends whenever we both find free time and catch up, sometimes talk about if anything’s bothering us mentally. This is a good way to ensure that you look after your mental health.

The main thing I do aside from all of this is I create TikTok videos to keep people entertained during this time as well as create new Insta posts with creative ideas that I can do around the house. Creating content and sharing it with everyone is something that always makes me happy and something I plan to do for a long time. 

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What have you learned about yourself that surprised you the most?  

What surprised me the most is I found out that deep down I have a creative gene, something that I have not realised until now.  

I’ve also learned how to be confident in front of the camera. A while ago I used to feel very shy and would be worried when trying something new. However, this quarantine period has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me think about a lot of things from a different perspective.  

I have learnt that we are all capable of doing anything if we put the right effort and our minds to it. 

What hobbies, skills or superpowers have you picked up? 

I have started teaching myself Adobe Photoshop in light of enhancing the output of the content I create.  

I have also started to improve some of my cooking skills by learning from my brother, who is currently halfway through his culinary course. 

What are you most looking forward to?  

I’m looking forward to meeting up with my friends and going out on adventures and road trips, as well as creating new content. 

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