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6 Tips to Take Online Classes and Work on Assignments

Now that we have transitioned to online learning with the COVID-19 pandemic, some of us may be comfortable with the new system of education while some of us still face difficulties adapting to it. Most of us still prefer offline classes instead of virtual classes, but as the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade”.

Here’s how you can study smart: 

1. Study with Me

One way you can get started on your studies is by watching a “Study with me” video on YouTube. These videos ranging from two to eight hours of students studying will help you find some company – you won’t feel lonely when studying because an actual College student is studying with you. Playing this video in the background will also motivate you to study.

2. Take breaks in between

When we have to study, it’s important to study smart. You can avoid burning out and distractions by timing yourself. You can study for 25 minutes and take a five-minute break every 2 hours. This will enhance your capacity for absorbing knowledge and in the end, you won’t feel as if you have burnt out.

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3. Create mini-goals

If you are working on a huge assignment that weighs a lot, it’s better to create a plan and set mini goals.

This can help you increase your efficiency since you have a pre-determined goal in your mind, and you have to complete it within a certain time frame. Once you complete each mini goal, you will be able to achieve your ultimate goal, without being overwhelmed by the enormity of any assignment.

4. Focus on your lecture

To avoid distractions when listening/ watching the lecture, it’s a must to put the phone away from where you can easily reach it. Also, it’s best to take notes of what the lecturer is saying and write down the important points.

You can either opt the traditional pen and paper method or use an application in your computer to type it. It doesn’t matter if it’s available in lecture notes already because it’s not a loss for you to write everything down. Writing will help you retain the information well and you can easily refer to them when you are preparing for tests.

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5. Reduce snacking

Since most of us are studying from home, I am sure you have a tendency to snack when you are doing your assignments or watching lectures.

However, eating snacks can reduce your memory power because snacks, mainly chips and cookies, consist of a lot of carbs, which are not ideal because it can make you full and sleepy. It would make you feel lethargic and have a negative impact on your productivity.

You can choose healthier snack options like dark chocolates, almonds, and other nuts which are better for your body. And it won’t make you feel like you are bloated.

Also, it’s always good to drink as much water as you can. Being hydrated is key to increasing the chemical reactions in your brain.

6. Take time to read

Allocate some time to read materials other than your task sheet or CRA. Reading materials outside of your subject area allows your brain to grab new information and widen your scope.

This will enhance your capacity to think and may help in your assignments as well.

Read books and try to be critical of what you read and absorb important information. Doing this, you will be taking a break while also exercising your brain to gain information and be productive.

You can study in numerous ways. It varies for each person and you can find the method which suits you best when you experiment and explore different ways.

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