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8 ways to make your student apartment feel like home

The feeling of missing home and family can be overwhelming for many students studying abroad. In such cases, choosing the right place to live can provide comfort and ease any homesickness.

Most choose a student apartment for its student-friendly room designs, and the well-equipped amenities and facilities around the neighborhood.

Your student apartment is not just a place to study and sleep, but it should be a sanctuary during the good and hard times too. So, to help you make the best choice, we have listed eight interesting ways to decorate your room and make your student apartment feel like home. 

1. Choose a student apartment style that suits you 

Living away from home as an international student is an excellent opportunity to better understand your personality, choices and yourself more. So, choosing a room that matches your needs and personality would be the first step to living independently. 

If you are an extrovert who’d like to share your new life as an international student with roommates, shared apartments would be a good choice for you.

Or if you’re an introvert who values more quality ‘me-time’ and want to explore your new neighborhood independently, then a single room type may be more your style.

Also, if you find your room isn’t to your liking, you can always switch to a room that suits you!


2. Explore your neighborhood 

One of the most exciting things about moving to a new city is getting to know the surroundings.

Exploring your new neighborhood, meeting your neighbours and finding new hangout spots can help you feel more comfortable and settle in quicker.

Getting to know new restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls and interesting places near your student apartment is a good way to start getting familiar with the local area.

3. Decorate your room to reflect your personality 

Being comfortable at your student apartment means you may want to decorate with things that make it feel ‘home-y’.

Showcasing things brought from your home country makes the place feel familiar and comfortable. It can be anything, such as your favorite piggy bank, Lego kit, comfy pillow or anything that displays the connection and sentiments of your home country.

Meanwhile, leave some room for new things. While decorating your student room with your belongings may make it feel more like home, however, displaying items from a new place expresses your adventure in a new homeland.

4. Personalise your room with family memories 

There’s no denying that it can feel empty at times when living in a new home without your family around.

Although studying abroad gives you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live independently in a new place and new country, personalizing your room with family memories can help you settle into your new home.

You can try sprinkling memories of your family around the room feels homier than anything else. Playing your family’s favorite music in the background whenever you miss home, displaying things gifted by your close ones, improving the smell of your student apartment with your favorite incense sticks used at home or find a room spray that reminds you of the smell of your home.

Otherwise, take plenty of photos of your family and friends with you from your home country to your new place. Just paste them in your room using adhesive hooks or ‘peel and stick’ frames to tell stories and share memories with your roommates and guests about your home. Displaying these pictures around your room reminds you of everyone in your home country.

5. Celebrate your national festivals overseas

Celebrating holidays as an international student can be difficult in a new country. You might miss your home when spending holidays overseas, seeing the pictures of your family and friends celebrating back home. 

However, you don’t have to miss out! There are often parties hosted by the student apartment’s community to celebrate Ramadan, Christmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year, Holi, etc.

If not, you can set up your own party in your room inviting students next door or friends from the neighborhood. So, celebrating festivals overseas with your new student family can feel like home even when you are miles away from your country.


6. Host a dinner party

Organise one night a month to have dinner with your new friends abroad. What’s better than hanging out with friends, a good laugh over fantastic stories and sharing memories over dinner?

After a long day of study, coming together with your overseas family to share a meal and swap different cultural food is a perfect way to make your student apartment feel like a close community. Food can be the common ground to break the ice, make new friends, and create long-lasting memories as an international student.

7. Become a plant parent

Creating a comfortable environment doesn’t always revolve around sentiments of family and friends from your home. It can also be about creating a cozy space by including a new addition – a plant! 

Adding a plant to your room can be one of the best ways to create a refreshing atmosphere. Growing an indoor plant is soothing, plus you have the added responsibility of keeping it alive. Just don’t forget to water it every so often!


8. Skype, zoom or facetime your family and friends

We understand it’s not possible to bring your family and friends with you while moving to study abroad. 

But with the immense growth in technology and internet, you can Skype, Zoom or Facetime your family and friends, anytime and anywhere in the community as the apartments come with high-speed WIFI included within the single payment.

So, why worry when you can chat every day and invite them in with a video tour of your new home and share your overseas adventures? All you need to do is settle in a cozy corner of your student apartment with your favorite cup of coffee for a good chat with those back home.

Have you got any other ideas that made your student apartment homier? Share your favorite ways with us using the #MoreThanStudy tag on Instagram and we’d love to share it the world.

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