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Cherry Katoch

Cherry is a full-time Master student at Deakin University, pursuing her degree in Professional Writing.

Upskilling tips for international students to prepare for post COVID-19 employment

With the COVID-19 pandemic, my dreams of studying in class and landing my desired job seem to have a longer waiting period to come true. Therefore, I decided to work on my skills and make myself worthy of landing that dream job once life after COVID-19 opens up new opportunities.

To help students like me, I am sharing the list of a few platforms that you can enrol for free courses to make the best use of the quarantine period while studying abroad. 

LinkedIn Learning

We all use LinkedIn to maintain our professional digital portfolio and connect with recruiters, employers and colleagues. The professional networking website also has a learning platform known as LinkedIn Learning, where users can access over 5000 courses available in several different fields.

Many universities give their students a LinkedIn Learning subscription for free and I highly recommend taking advantage of this. Students are generally not aware of this, and I encourage you to cross-check with your university whether the subscription is offered for free for you or not.

Once you complete a course, you can add the certification to your profile on Linkedin, which will add more value to your profile and make you more impressive to recruiters. And if you can enhance your professional portfolio for free with the extra time during lockdown, it can really benefit your career and show your determination to get ahead.

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edX is an online learning platform founded by Harvard University and MIT. With over 20 million learners, edX has become one of the most-valued Open-Source platforms to allow free auditing of the courses offered by globally accredited universities.

About 140 institutions including Harvard University, Berkeley University and the University of Oxford have collaborated with edX to offer over 2,500 courses. The topic of the courses ranges from Data Science to Communications to Leadership and much more. It is highly likely that you will find the course of your field of interest here so you can upskill in another area or perhaps gain knowledge in a specialised field.

edX allows the aspirants to audit the course for free, and if you wish to get the certification then, there is a fixed fee for it. The fees for certification vary from university to university.


Another platform where you can access a certain number of free online courses is FutureLearn. The digital learning courses are offered by many world-renowned universities and specialist organisations like Deakin University, Queensland University of Technology and the British Council.

FutureLearn offers several short online courses with a duration of up to or over two weeks, depending upon the course structure. To get the certification of a completed course, you will be required to pay a fee.

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Many students may be familiar with Udemy, but for those of you who are hearing it for the first time, it’s a leading online learning marketplace. Udemy has more than 150K courses related to almost all the fields, available in 65+ languages for aspiring learners, who are not only students but also professionals worldwide. Even many Fortune 100 companies use Udemy for their employee upskilling.

You can choose from more than 650 free Udemy courses to enhance your skills during the pandemic. Udemy allows you to view the video content of all these courses for free, but no certification is provided for completing the same. Doing these courses will enhance your skills on a personal level, and a skill learned seldom goes wasted.


If you are interested in everything technology, Pluralsight is a leading platform that helps you upskill in that field. The platform currently offers 50 free courses to choose from.

I hope you will find at least one of the courses of your interest to access from the above-mentioned online platforms without spending a single dollar to enhance your skills and prepare yourself to face the competition in the post coronavirus period.

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