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Anna Jenica

Anna Jenica is pursuing her master’s degree in Media Practice at the University of Sydney. She aspires to travel the world and write little stories that matter.

Why I chose to study abroad in Australia

I always hoped to pursue my postgraduate studies abroad. I spent a lot of time researching about various universities all over the world and attending numerous education fairs to find the right country that would suit me; when honestly, deep down in my heart I knew the answer a long time ago – Australia.

Let’s just say the Land Down Under and I have history.

Childhood Memories

Back when I was 3 years old, we lived in Sydney as my dad pursued his master’s degree. We were here for more than two years. Surprisingly, that much time was enough to make Australia feel like a big part of my childhood. I was so young then, but to this date, I can vividly remember so many fun memories!

My favourite play spots were the Opera House where I’d ruin my pants forcing myself to slide down the rough surface, and the spiral fountain at the Darling Harbour where I’d try not to get wet and end up failing miserably.

chose-to-study-Australia-body image 1.jpg

I was also too lazy to walk that I was in my stroller a lot, but the path from the train station to our apartment was steep and my parents used to trick me by making me count the steps, promising me that if I reach 100 we’d be home. And how can I forget getting my first ever award in school as I won “Student of the Week”!

Pretty cool, right? Oh, those times. They still make me smile. 

When we came back to visit Australia twenty years later, with all those memories in my heart, I saw the country in a different and more mature perspective. I was sure by then that I wanted to live and study in Australia again. Here’s why:

Cultural Diversity

One of the main reasons I wanted to study abroad was because, apart from meeting new people from different backgrounds, I was always excited to learn about others’ cultures. That’s why Australia being a multicultural society was a huge plus for me!

Fast forward to today, I’ve already met people from Croatia, the USA, and China. I know there’d be a lot more once everything goes back to normal!

Also, if you wander around as a tourist, you’ll notice how culturally diverse Australia is just by looking at the restaurants!

Effective Transport System 

So much has changed since the last time we lived here, but we weren’t worried about getting lost as we revisited our old house and went to our favourite places.

No car? No problem! Commuting here isn’t a hassle. Everything is easily accessible online, from train and bus routes to their schedules! They’re almost always on time, and you’d be notified if there would be any delays.

desktop-chose-to-study-Australia-body image 2.jpg

Mesmerizing Sceneries & Wildlife

When we revisited Australia, we went to see one of the country’s national treasures: the Jenolan Caves. If you are as adventurous as I am, there are so many outdoor activities to try and amazing sceneries to enjoy here!

Plus, the wonderful beaches – the infamous Bondi beach is just less than one hour away from Central station! 

Also, as a lover of animals, seeing kangaroos casually crossing the streets is amazing. You might even catch some deer strolling if you’re farther away from the city or you might spot lovely koalas if you’re in regional Australia.

World-class Quality of Education 

Most universities in Australia are consistently ranked in the Top 100 world rankings!

Choosing to study in an Australian university was a no-brainer for me because I have witnessed the excellence from my dad who is the smartest person I know. When we went back to see his university, right then and there I told myself I’ll strive really hard to be a student there someday. Apart from following my dad’s footsteps, the beautiful campus, the vibe…I instantly felt at home. And who wouldn’t want to study at Hogwarts, anyway?! *wink wink*

With the current travel restrictions, the best you can do is research about the country and imagine yourself being transported there. Would studying there help you achieve your plans? Would your values be in line with the culture they have? Would you think you’d be enjoying there? Would it feel like a home away from home? Would you be happy? If your answer is yes to all, then I say, go for it!

Remember: times may be difficult now, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to reach your goals. Stay safe and keep on dreaming!

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