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5 reasons to choose homestay accommodation while studying abroad

Excited to embark on your study abroad journey, but feel nervous about choosing to live in a homestay?

We understand homestay accommodation with a foreign family is different from your home. Don’t worry! There are many reasons to be excited about homestay accommodation, even if you may need to adjust to the climate, homesickness, culture and customs. It may seem like you have a lot to take in while considering homestay accommodation but, we are here to help you through your journey to find your next home.

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1. You are safe

Students and parents often question safety when you choose to study abroad. By considering homestay as your overseas accommodation, you can feel assured that host families are chosen very carefully by our homestay partners. This gives parents peace of mind while you explore your new surrounds and life as an international student. Homestay can be a good choice if you are not used to living out of your family home as there is always someone to look out for you. In addition, having someone to ask, ‘how was your day?’, have dinner together as a family and spending time with your overseas friends can help make the transition to life abroad a little bit easier.  

2. You can improve your language skills – fast!

During your homestay, you are not only surrounded by different people, cultures, and food, but also with a different language. You will get to be a part of real conversations every day and learn the local slang quickly. Host families will also be interested in learning your language and culture. It may start from celebrating your country’s festivals, holidays and special occasions – while learning theirs! Learning local customs and visiting attractions together can be a good way to gain knowledge about your host family’s way of life. 

3. You feel less homesick

Sometimes, even the most independent travelers become homesick. You may miss your country’s festivals, friends' birthdays, and family dinners. At times like these your host family can be extremely helpful in supporting you and at times, may even spend time with you at a local restaurant having dinner to help take your mind off being homesick often.

4. You become independent

Staying with a host family doesn't mean no freedom. Some students fear choosing a homestay, assuming they won’t have the desired freedom or be paired with strict host families. However, host parents understand that you want to explore the city while you are living there. Since communication is the key to everything, just let them know in advance if you are heading out somewhere, staying at a friend's place or returning home late. If you do so, you will not only maintain a good relationship with your host family and give yourself the ability to go on your own adventures during your time abroad. This way, homestay provides you the right balance between an independent living with having someone to look after you.

5. You can save more money

One of the most attractive factors about homestay is its cost. Homestay is a great choice as it includes lots more than a roof over your head - from safety, experiences with an overseas family, their guidance, utility services and some meals – all at a reasonable cost! This means more money in your pocket for tours, experiences, and weekend getaways. 

If you are interested in choosing homestay, we’ve done the hard work for you by putting together an awesome range of accommodation options to fit your needs and budget.

Please click below or reach out to an IDP counsellor to pair you with a wonderful host family.

Are you ready to find your new home?


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